Old-PandaPrank Version 4.5

Do you like to troll players? will PandaPrank is the plugin for you!

  1. JackTehPanda15
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9

    This plugin is a prank plugin that allows you to fake join/leave and also give out fake op.

    /fakeop <player>
    /fakejoin <player>
    /fakeleave <player>
    /fakeban <player>
    /fakemute <player>
    /fakeci <player>


    fake.* - access to all permissions.
    fake.reload - lets you do /fakereload
    fake.help - lets you do /pandaprank
    fake.op - lets you do /fakeop
    fake.join - lets you do /fakejoin
    fake.leave - lets you do /fakeleave
    fake.ban - lets you do /fakeban
    fake.mute - lets you do /fakemute
    fake.ci - lets you do /fakeci
    fake.freeze - lets you do /freeze


    none known

    /fakegod (gives them slowness)

Recent Updates

  1. added new feature
  2. added /fakeci
  3. updated with new features

Recent Reviews

  1. OPIA
    Version: version 1.5
    Thanks for updating it, everything works perfectly :D
    This is such a great plugin for trolling people :3

    Small suggestion, Add a config so that we can write custom messages when the commands are issued so that it fits in perfectly with the servers format if you know what i mean ;D
    Keep the updates coming :D
    1. JackTehPanda15
      Author's Response
      i will make sure i do this when i do the nexted update which i might do later today
  2. OPIA
    Version: versions 1.0
    This plugin doesn't do anything (is it suppose to? )
    All of the commands you've provided work
    There is no config nor help section
    Improve plugin if you want a better review.
    1. JackTehPanda15
      Author's Response
      when i tested it, it all worked fine. do get any errors? if so send them to me and ill fix it. i will also relook or just recode it so it does at it says