Old-PandaPrank Version 4.5

Do you like to troll players? will PandaPrank is the plugin for you!

  1. added new feature


    I have added /freeze (player) this will stop the player from moving so that they are completely frozen where they are standing, you toggle this on and off for the player. permission fake.freeze
  2. added /fakeci

    fakeci will make the player think their inventory has been cleared!
    /fakeci(perm - fake.ci)
  3. updated with new features

    i have updated this plugin to 1.9 and added new features. the new commands i have added are /pandaprank and /fakemute.
    /pandaprank - lists all the plugins commands (fake.help)
    /fakemute - sends the player a messaging saying they are muted (fake.mute)

    another new feature is that the messages are alot more customizable and all the messages will be customizable soon!

    If you find any bugs polease let me know! :)
  4. new feature

    i have add /fakeban to make people think thay have got banned
    /fakeban (fake.ban)
  5. added config

    i have added a config so you can now customise the messages and i have also add /fake reload (permission - fake.reload)
    I hope you enjoy, also if you have any ideas that you would like this plugin to also do let me know!
  6. added permission nodes

    fake.* - access to all permissions.
    fake.op - lets you do /fakeop
    fake.join - lets you do /fakejoin
    fake.leave -lets you do /fakeleave
  7. Recoded this plugin all sorted

    i have recoded this plugin and everything works.

    i just need to add config and permission to all 3 commands, i will do that soon
  8. Prank Plugin

    This plugin is a prank plugin that allows you to fake join/leave and also give out fake op if you have the right permission.

    /fakeop (fake.op)
    /fakejoin (fake.join)
    /fakeleave (fake.leave)

    to have all the perms: fake.*