OldCombatMechanics - Disable 1.9 hit cooldown 1.8.1

Makes combat work like before 1.9, with no weapon cooldown etc.

  1. 1.7.4 - Full 1.14 support & chorus fruit module

    • Built against Bukkit 1.14.4
    • Added Old Chorus Fruit module
    • Removed now obsolete and broken Bukkit update checker
    • Updated Spigot update checker to work with 1.14 dependencies
    • Fixed Old Tool Damage not applying to gold and wood tools
    • Fixed error regarding magma blocks when running a 1.9 server
    • Fixed drinking stacks of potions not consuming one
    • Fixed Slow Falling potion having 0 duration
    • Slow Falling potion duration is now configurable
    • Made plugin more resistant to uninstallation by /reload and PlugMan
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