OldCombatMechanics - Disable 1.9 hit cooldown 1.6.5

Makes combat work like before 1.9, with no weapon cooldown etc.

  1. 1.6.5 - Fixed armour strength bug

    Fixed bug where armour strength value would be removed from armour when wearing it, causing armour to not reduce any incoming damage.
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  2. 1.6.4 - Update checker rewritten

    • Fixed NullPointerException error when doing /ocm reload
    Update checker system has been rewritten to be more robust and flexible, including:
    • Removed check that was delaying server startup
    • Made update checker asynchronous to prevent server hanging
    • Changed Spigot update checker entirely to use Spiget API
    • Now also Spigot update checker returns direct link to specific update page
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  3. 1.6.3 - Fixed gapples and brewing stands

    • Fixed gapples and napples not giving saturation
    • Fixed brewing stand refuelling module not working in newest MC versions
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  4. 1.6.2 - Disable dragging when reeling in & plenty more

    Your config.yml will be reset when upgrading to this version

    New features:

    • Added option to disable dragging hooked entity towards you when reeling in
    • Added configurable list of items that stop blocking mechanic
    • Updated Bukkit dependency to 1.12.2
    • Made weapon damages & armour values be loaded only when relevant modules are enabled
    • Changed how notch-apple recipe is added
    Bug fixes:
    • Added method for...
  5. 1.6.1 - Fixed fatal bug on start

    Fixed fatal bug where plugin wouldn't start
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  6. 1.6.0 - Revamped collisions & shield blocking modules

    • Revamped no collisions module to use packets instead of teams to reduce conflicts and be compatible with tablist and scoreboard plugins
    • Made shield blocking not stop every three seconds but work as normal blocking
    • Added config option for minimum damage while blocking & shield damage reduction
    • Change shield damage reduction from 1/2 a heart to 50% (like was in 1.8)
    • Added extra checks to avoid creating invincible players
    • Added oldcombatmechanics.nolapis permission...
  7. 1.5.1 - Bug and error fixes

    • Internal code improvements
    • Fixed shield dropping if killed while sword-blocking
    • Fixed some errors in fishing knockback module
    • Fixed no-enderpearl-cooldown module duplicating enderpearls
    • Fixed no-enderpearl-cooldown module consuming the first available enderpearl instead of the selected one
    • Fixed not being able to take chestplate off with elytra module enabled
    • Fixed NullPointerException in elytra module
  8. 1.5.0 - No enderpearl cooldown, revamped elytra & brewing modules

    WARNING: your config will be backed up and reset when updating to this version

    New features:
    • Made brewing stand module not use blaze powder to avoid duplication issues
    • Completely revamped elytra module to not allow you to wear elytras instead of simply deleting the item
    • Added disable enderpearl cooldown module
    • Fixed NPE in shield crafting module in 1.12
    • Fixed NPE when accessing virtual inventories such as /enderchest...
  9. 1.4.2 - Fixed duplication bugs

    • Changed default offhand module mode to whitelist
    • Fixed brewing stand blaze powder duplication issues
    • Fixed enchantment table lapis duplication issues
  10. 1.4.1 - Update for 1.12 and bug fixes

    Updating to this version will cause your config to be backed up and reset.
    • Plugin now requires Java 8
    • Updated for 1.12
    • Added many interactive blocks to sword blocking exclusion list, such as workbench, bed, lever, trapdoor, fence gate, burning furnace and shulker box
    • Fixed many bugs with fishing rod knockback module
    • Fixed offhand item not getting restored upon death while blocking