OldGenerator (1.16.4) 1.0.0

Generate beta 1.7.3 worlds: overworld, nether, and skylands

  1. Spottedleaf
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    • 1.16
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    Spigot plugin for adding Beta 1.7.3 generation to modern versions of Minecraft. This plugin can replace b173gen for modern versions (please see the How to Use section for proper configuration).
    Note that this plugin only works on 1.16.4.


    Seed: worstseedever

    Beta 1.7.3


    OldGenerator on Minecraft 1.16.4




    Block physics are not applied to gravel OR sand when placing. So, the dungeon sand will not immediately cave in upon logging in, but the dungeon is still there .Most chunks will look the exact same, but due to chunk generation order differences the populators might fire differently and you'll get different results (however the general terrain will remain the same).


    Fire, glowstone, and even lava placement (excluding the lava oceans) will generally not mirror Beta 1.7.3. However, the terrain will remain the same.

    Why aren't fire/glowstone/lava correct? This is due to a technical bug in the old beta populator code: The chunk seed is not setup when populating chunks! So the placement is entirely dependent on chunk generation order (and a few other really technical details), which is completely different in modern Minecraft.

    There's nothing I can do to match the old populator behavior, however I have modified the populator code for nether to correctly setup a chunk seed per chunk - this means the results should be consistent across world generations when using OldGenerator, but they still will not match Vanilla Beta 1.7.3.

    How do I use?

    If you do NOT have a world management plugin

    Add this to your bukkit.yml
    Code (Text):
        generator: OldGenerator:b173
        generator: OldGenerator:b173
    This will setup worldname1 and worldname2 to run OldGenerator as their generator. For example, you can set worldname1 to "world" and worldname2 to "world_nether" to do exactly what you expect. You can also add and remove as many worlds as you want. "b173" can be replaced with "sb173" to get a skylands world.

    If you have a world management plugin

    Follow the guide that world management plugin to setup custom generators. I don't use any world management plugins, so I can't help you!

    I want different old generators!

    If enough people request other old generators, I can add them to this plugin.


    All of the world generation code is directly copied from decompiled sources of the minecraft server jar (specifically, the beta 1.7.3 dedicated server jar), and then modified further. The original decompiled sources can be found here: https://github.com/Bukkit/mc-dev

    As such, the world generation code is copyrighted by Mojang AB.

    Everything else is licensed under the MIT License, see the LICENSE.md file for license text.

Recent Reviews

  1. davedaveman45
    Version: 1.0.0
    great plugin! Surprisingly unlaggy for a worldgen plugin. my only problem is that there are random chunks of land missing grass.
  2. Hosom
    Version: 1.0.0
    Excellent plugin, thanks for the port to 1.16.4! Json datapacks for world generation are very unstable, I wouldn't use them on a production server. This plugin, instead, is very realible. Suggestion: hack monoliths back into the generator, and make them configurable! Rarity, size, etc...