OldschoolKill 3

Simple plugin that lets non-ops suicide with /kill

  1. Yukar9
    This plugin very simply allows people without the minecraft.command.kill permission to use the old functionality of /kill.

    If somebody without minecraft.command.kill does /kill, they will commit suicide, but they will not be able to kill other players/entities. When somebody with minecraft.command.kill uses /kill, this plugin does nothing, i.e. everything will work as if the plugin wasn't installed.

    The reason for using this plugin is because the functionality of /kill has been changed to allow admins to kill other players or entities, but this has the downside of not allowing non-admins to easily commit suicide.

    Installation is simple, just drop the .jar in your plugins folder. There is no configuration.
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Recent Reviews

  1. spritefalcon
    Version: 3
    Works great even in 1.17.1! It's a very simple but frequently used plugin in my server.
  2. Taito_Nanel
    Version: 3
    Funciona Excelente en 1.16.5, lo recomiendo.
    works Excellent in 1.16.5, I recommend it. 10/10
  3. KalebTheFox
    Version: 3
    1.16 and it still works love it! and because of the character limit i will write here untill it says i can submit this rating
  4. mekEE
    Version: 3
    Great plugin! I'd recommend it. But I'd also like an alias as /suicide, guess I'll use commands.yml.
  5. JustyZ
    Version: 3
    Works perfectly on PaperMC 1.12.2. It helps out if you are making an anarchy server like I am.