OmniTool 1.0

The perfect plugin to give your players the ultimate tool!

  1. Crushed
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    OmniTool is the perfect plugin to add to your server.

    This plugin allows players to have a tool that will change to the most efficient tool to complete any action.
    • Mining: Pickaxe
    • Excavating: Shovel
    • Woodcutting: Axe
    • PvP/PvE/Cobwebs: Sword
    This plugin uses the NBT API(see link below) for all of the NBT tags.

    /omni <Player> <efficiency> <unbreaking> <fortune> <sharpness> (displayname)

    <> - Required
    ( ) - Optional

    You are also able to change the lore for the tool in the config.yml

    Permissions: None currently, but you have to be an OP to run the command.

    Coming Soon:
    -Omni Crystals(Turn any tool into an omni tool)
    -/omniench <enchant> <level> (Add any enchantment to an omni tool.)
    -(Request features by DMing me or messaging me on discord [Tucker#0001])
    -Built in NBT API so you will no longer need to download the NBT API Plugin

    - ''
    - '&9&l** OMNI TOOL **'
    - '&7&oAn omni tool allows you to mine'
    - '&7&oany block at maximum efficiency.'

    Please DM me on discord if your server uses this plugin, and I will advertise it here! (@Tucker#0001)

    NBT API:

Recent Reviews

  1. brandonlea
    Version: 1.0
    Great plugin, I have been looking for this, keep up the good work.

    Looking forward to the future updates.