One Hit Spleef [FREE] 1.1

This is a plugin based of mini game super spleef!

  1. Crazyman1756
    One Hit Spleef!

    One hit spleef is a plugin based of the game super spleef!

    How to use: Get a diamond axe and go into survival and hit any block and it breaks in one hit! (bedrock does not though)

    Commands: OHS
    OHS: Shows basic plugin information!

    Updates: I will be updating this as often as i can!

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  1. One Hit Spleef [FREE]

Recent Reviews

  1. iTzGalax
    Version: 1.1
    Nice, i love your Plugin dude, please do more Updates / Plugins you are a
    nice Developer!

    Lg. iTzGalax
  2. 250Stacker
    Version: 1.0
    ZachDoesPlugins is going to steel your code i will show you proof when he uploads a next plugin

    Anyways good plugin gonna put it on my minigames server :P
    1. Crazyman1756
      Author's Response
      He is? Im going to report him now!
  3. ZachDoesPlugins
    Version: 1.0
    ! One Hit Spleef ! Amazing Plugin.Free Also! 0_0 ! I Hope They Have More Updates.I Wish You Can Teach Me How To Make An Amazing Plugin Like This! Amazing!