One In A Chamber 0.5.0

Simple, somewhat easy to use skript that recreates One In A Chamber in MC.

    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    A pretty crappy One In A Chamber skript that's still really rough and not finished (tbh I'm not sure if I'll end up finishing it). This is my first skript I've posted on here, hopefully its useful to someone.

    Obviously needs Skript (I think it needs TuSKe and SKQuery, if you try it and it doesn't work maybe try adding them)

    The basic commands do not have any special permission nodes but the admin commands/setup ones do, this being : stable.chamberadmin

    Normal Commands:
    • /joinchamber MAPNAME
    • Joins a chamber map.

    • /chamberlist
    • Lists the chamber maps.

    • /quitchamber
    • Leaves the current chamber game, and deletes your data from the game (removes the kills you've gotten, and disables and marks you as out of the game so that you don't get warped to spawn when it ends etc.)

    • /chambersetlobby to set the lobby point (where players get sent after a game ends)

    • /chambermap MAPNAME
    • Create your map (this adds the name to a variable, so that spawns and such can get written to it)

    • /chamberspawn MAPNAME
    • Sets a spawnpoint for a map at your location, so if I had a map named Test I would run /chamberspawn Test and it would set a spawn.

    • /chamberkitsave
    • Adds your currently held item to the chambers "kit" (what players get when they go in game.) This is a bit buggy, but once you actually get the things registered into the kit it works fine.

    • /chamberkittest
    • Gives you the chamber kit, useful when making sure it works.

    • /deletechamber MAPNAME
    • Deletes the map with the name you input.

    • /chamberdelkit
    • Deletes the One In A Chamber kit.
    Admin Stuff:
    • /chamberendgame
    • Ends a chamber game that your currently in.

    If you have more questions your welcome to join my discord and DM me, and I'll try to be helpful. I haven't done this yet (cause I forgot+I'm lazy :p) but I'm going to add a "help" GUI ingame to assist in creating maps etc.

    Issues I'm aware of and I plan on fixing:

    Currently it only supports one "game" running at a time (meaning if someone is in a map, and someone tries to join another one it'll tell you to join the one someone is already in.) I did this cause I was having issues with running multiple games, but I'm gonna spend time getting multiple games to work.

    Games end after someone gets 10 kills, but I'm gonna continue adding tweaks you can do, I just didn't since this was made for a server I work on with a friend.