One In The Chamber 1.1.1

Minigame based on the gamemode by the same name from the Call of Duty series

  1. Mats9799
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    One In The Chamber / OITC is a gamemode where players compete in a Free-for-all style game where they have to kill each other in order to win. Each player is equipped with a sword, bow, arrow, player tracker and (a configurable amount of) lives. Arrows do one hit one kill damage and can only be acquired by killing other players. When a player runs out of lives it becomes a spectator. Players receive 10 points upon killing another player and 5 when another gets eliminated. When only one player remains alive the game ends where the winner gets determined by the highest amount of points.


    - Unlimited games and arenas
    There is no limitation in the amount of games and arenas created.
    - Multi-arena
    Games have the option to contain more than one arena, and will change arena every match when possible.
    - Join signs
    Games have their own joining sign which allows players to join with only one click.
    - Scoreboards
    The plugin has a couple scoreboards built in, all created in a way to create a neat overview of the game.
    - Hide player tags
    The option to hide player tags ingame to add more strategy to the game.
    - Spawn system
    No more spawnkills with this spawn system! Players always spawn at a location with at least some distance between them and the nearest player.
    - Spectator mode
    Players in specator mode can fly through the map and watch the game in every perspective without interfering with the game.
    - Individual player stats
    Each player has their amount of kills, deaths, games, wins and level saved and displayed in a scoreboard upon joining the server. (Toggleable)
    - MySQL support
    This plugin supports MySQL data storage. If there is no MySQL server available it will use the local storage option.
    - Leaderboards
    Configurable leaderboard which shows the top players of the server!
    - Configurable text values
    Nearly every text value appearing in the plugin can be edited by the players to their own liking.


    /oitc join <id>:
    Looks for a game with the corresponding id. If that game exists the player will join this game.

    /oitc leave:
    If the player if inside a game when executing the command, this player will leave the game.

    /oitc list:
    Opens a GUI containing an overview of games with some of their information too.


    /oitc creategame <id>:
    If no game already exists by the same id, there will be a new game created by that id.

    /oitc removegame <id>:
    If a game exists by the same id, all data of this game will be erased and cannot be restored.

    /oitc setgamesign <id>:
    Requires the player to look at a sign. If a game exists by the game id, the looking the player is looking at will be the new joining sign for this game. Basic info such as gamestate, arena, player amount is displayed on this sign. Players can quickly join this game by interacting with the sign.

    /oitc setlobby <id>:
    Sets the waiting lobby of a game. If the game is in its waiting state, players get teleported to this location until the game starts.

    /oitc createarena <id> <name>:
    Requires the player to have created a WorldEdit selection which should cover the whole arena. If a game exists by the same id and this game has no arena by the same name already, a new arena gets created and added to the game.

    /oitc removearena <id> <name>:
    If a game exists by the same id and this game has an arena by the same name, this arena will be erased from the game. The game itself will keep its data.

    /oitc addspawn <id> <name>:
    If a game exists by the same id and this game has an arena by the same name, a new spawn gets added to the arena as the player's current location.

    /oitc reload:
    Reloads all plugin configuration files.

    /oitc setlbsign <rank>:
    Requires the player to look at a sign. Creates a new leaderboard sign which holds the player of the rank. Placing a skull above this sign will also make this skull change skull owner this player whenever the leaderboard updates.


    The only permission node in the plugin. Gives permission to execute any setup command.


    What is the difference between a game and an arena?
    A game is a collection of components that makes up the game itself such as join signs, the lobby, the players etc. An arena can be considered as a "map". It contains the border and spawn points of this "map". Games may contain multiple arenas. Make sure to create a game before creating an arena.

    How do I enable MySQL?
    In the plugin folder there is a file called sql.yml. In there you need to change the "enabled" attribute to "true" and change the values of the other attributes to your MySQL database so the plugin can connect to it.



    For bug reports and other related businesses, you can contact me by sending a DM on spigot, writing a message in the discussion section or contacting me via Skype (Username: Mats9799).

    For video tutorials, feel free to send them to me and I will add them in the plugin description.

    Please do not report bugs in the reviews section. Do it in the discussion section instead, and I will take a look and attempt to fix it as soon as possible.
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Recent Reviews

  1. techboy04
    Version: 1.1.1
    This is the best minigame. I have been looking for something like this for ages.
  2. zachrocks22
    Version: 1.1.0
    OMG! I have been waiting to review this plugin for some time, but now that I can edit the prefix I am happy to say this plugin is AWESOME. Please please please continue to add more customizable things to make it even more awesome. Again, this is a great plugin and works like a charm!
  3. WarOfTowns
    Version: 1.01
    Love the plugin but I is it possible to disable the scoreboard for some worlds? Then the plugin is awesome!
    1. Mats9799
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback! I will add an option to toggle the stats scoreboard in the next upcoming update.