OneBlock 0.7.4

An attempt to recreate the OneBlock minigame.

  1. MrMarL
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    - WebMoney: Z672792838390 or R232348413643
    - you can send me steam items)
    - I would be very grateful if you put money on my steam account: mrmarl

    If you want to use (1.7 - 1.12). Redo the configuration of the chests. if of course you want loot in chests)
    one block
    OneBlock minigame plugin.
    /ob set - set the first block /ob set 1 time for the admin then just /ob join and the island will be created by itself ...
    /ob join - join a free block(x+100)
    /ob setleaf
    /ob leaf
    /ob chat_alert - display the level in the chat
    /ob Progress_bar color RED - set Progress_bar color
    /ob Progress_bar true - on Progress_bar
    /ob Progress_bar false - off Progress_bar
    /ob Progress_bar level - Progress_bar level mode
    /ob Progress_bar settext <text> - Progress_bar text change
    /ob protection true
    /ob protection false
    /ob invite 'playername' - invites the player to the island.
    /ob accept - to accept an invitation.
    /ob islands true - Islands for new players.
    /ob islands set_my_by_def - sets your island as default for new players.
    /ob islands default - resets the custom island and sets the default.
    /ob island_rebirth true - Rebirth of the player on the island
    /ob reload blocks.yml - reload...
    /ob reload chests.yml - reload chests?...
    /ob frequency "value" //less is better but lower tps (6 - 8 is recommend)
    if you set it too high, players will die from falling)
    /ob setlevel "nick" 14 - set ob level
    /ob clear 'player' - reset the player ob level and remove his island
    /ob lvl_mult 5 - The number of blocks that must be broken to get a new level is calculated using the formula: 16+level now*level multiplier
    /ob ver
    //for your suggestions [​IMG]
    You can display the level in the progress bar:
    You can change the color of the progress bar:
    use: /ob Progress_bar level
    You can use placeholders in the progress bar text!
    Code (Text):
    /ob progress_bar settext %OB_lvl% lvl now. Need block to next lvl %OB_need_to_lvl_up%.
    ̶O̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶6̶6̶6̶ ̶d̶o̶w̶n̶l̶o̶a̶d̶s̶.̶ Does anyone really use this plugin?

    Change blocks in yml file/
    Change chest item in yml file/
    Special thanks to: matrix033
    #one block plugin
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Recent Reviews

  1. _v_Max_v_
    Version: 0.7.4
    plugin will be good but in my doesn't work and the author doesn't active on discord, sorry for one star ;p
    1. MrMarL
      Author's Response
      only the latest version doesn't work? or the previous one too? and why the more I do the lower the rating .... so many questions and so few answers.
  2. User_pt
    Version: 0.7.2
    the thing that breaks this all is griefing, put borders so theres no griefing on islands
  3. hoaaiww
    Version: 0.7.2
    Nice plugin! Is there or will there any option to make my friend join to my island? We tried on my island but the progress bar doesnt work for him (it counts to me) and when he die he teleports to another island
    Version: 0.7.2
    It is cool,but i would apricciate that if we could edit how far skyblock generate and myb upgradeable border around it,so other players dont grief other player islands :/
  5. jitse07
    Version: 0.7.2
    verry good plugin but is there a way to turn of respawn qouse it is interfearing with oter plugins of mine?
    1. MrMarL
      Author's Response
      as always, I didn't understand anything that was written. if you mean the player's rebirth on the island, then /ob island_rebirth false-disables it in theory.
  6. RustyDagger
    Version: 0.7.2
    Garbage. No tab complete. poor spawn system and new island placement no protection or API to stop players messing with each other.
    AND worst of all if a player re-logs their LEVEL RESETS...
    1. MrMarL
      Author's Response
      what do you mean it resets? like the same should not not? Lvl and the island must be preserved. Although maybe I broke something XD. If you were looking for something complex and thoughtful then you are not there)
  7. Tonic7
    Version: 0.7.1+
    hey, this plugin is good, but i dont know how can i remove my island. Please help
    1. MrMarL
      Author's Response
      in the sense to delete? administrator can reset island and player level /ob clear 'player'
  8. DerNoskiller
    Version: 0.6.5
    The plugin is overall useable. Tho the constant crediting and begging is on another level. And the /ob leave command is buggy and there is no way to delete a one block (no, no reset).
    1. MrMarL
      Author's Response
      Well, changed a little bit /ob leaf is now better?
      although I may have broken something in the process)
  9. LautaKooh
    Version: 0.6
    Excellent plugin, but I wanted to know where the permissions are.
  10. system500236
    Version: 0.6
    buenas amigo primero muchas gracias por el complemento esta muy bien creado y sencillo una duda cuando pongo la barra de progreso esta todo bien pero cuando regreso al lobby la barra de progreso no desaparece tengo que desconectarme y conectarme para que se borre alguna solución o consejo de ante mano muchas gracias por el complemento