OnePlayerSleep 3.1.5

Pass the night/storm if a player sleeps, based on the OnePlayerSleep datapack

  1. hotfix

    1-line fix for message lookup
  2. fix message reloading

    fixed plugin not resetting its internal message list on plugin reload command
    updated world name placeholder
  3. automatic worlds.yml updating for multiverse setups

    made it refresh worlds.yml if it finds a world that it doesn't know about,
    added checks in a bunch of places to handle bad inputs
    cleaned up unused or duplicate code in a few events
    fixed string replacement screwing up text.
  4. fix inverted timing

    fixed using the wrong config value for time increment
  5. fix inverted messageFromSleepingIgnored setting

    quick fix for afk/vanished players unexpectedly announcing their presence to the world.
  6. Stability Updates

    • added a few logs for bad inputs
    • added lang.yml to soften the logs, allow other languages
    • moved command response config options from messages.yml to lang.yml
    • moved start/stop times to world settings
    • fixed config value lookups on join/leave events
    • miscellaneous behavior fixes, like bed cooldown timing
    includes config file updates, so check your file changes after updating
    (2nd upload because of a typo)
  7. reload fixes

    fixed papi version number
    fixed dimension placeholder check on load
  8. fix recursive weather event

    Since the weather changed, here's another fix
  9. more patches

    fixed missing sleepingIgnored settings in config.yml
    fixed some references to old settings, replaced with references to worlds.yml
    fixed color on a console message
  10. patched cancelBedExplode functionality

    setting cancelBedExplode to true for a world should cancel bed explosions in that world