OnePlayerSleep 3.1.7

Pass the night/storm if a player sleeps, based on the OnePlayerSleep datapack

  1. more patches

    fixed missing sleepingIgnored settings in config.yml
    fixed some references to old settings, replaced with references to worlds.yml
    fixed color on a console message
  2. patched cancelBedExplode functionality

    setting cancelBedExplode to true for a world should cancel bed explosions in that world
  3. compiled for older versions

    compiled with java 8, spigot 1.13.2 api for spigot 1.13-1.16

    still needs testing with older versions
  4. per-world configuration (1.17+)

    Spigot/Paper 1.17
    Java 16

    probably has a few kinks to work out. Post any new or unresolved bugs on the github issues page.

    has new config files

    Added console command functionality, using config options for server name and world
    Added minimum player count setting. Set to 1 if you want a single active player to generate sleep messages.
    Added worlds.cfg, autofilled with world names and default values at plugin enable
    Added message lists, selected by world

    Rather than just per-world time vs...
  5. a /reload fix

    fixes an error on /reload command because I can't stop people from using it.
  6. error fix

    was getting an error on wakeup when not using placeholderAPI.

    also added a bit of handling in case of bad message names in wakeup commands
  7. more config

    split up and renamed config options and rewrote some code to consider them.
    optimized iterators
    optimized world name compare

    You'll need to redo config if you're updating.
  8. better dimension functionality

    don't do nether/end bed explosion if doOtherDimensions is true
    do bed explosions otherwise
    bed explosion during daytime bugfix

    also added time response and fixed a missing color code check
  9. adding option to not use sleepingIgnored

    user has some sort of issue with messages not happening. I cannot replicate the problem, but I can make a guess that the issue is a bad sleepingIgnored setting from elsewhere.

    Setting useSleepingIgnored to false may resolve the problem.
  10. minor fixes

    just placeholderapi updates