OnePlayerSleep 3.1.7

Pass the night/storm if a player sleeps, based on the OnePlayerSleep datapack

  1. bstats & code cleanup

    added bstats

    cleaned up some leftover code
  2. bugfix

    bugfix for previous version
  3. can do wakeup for a chosen message

    • clicking a message now reacts to that message (instead of the last message sent), making message tests easier
    • can do /sleep wakeup [message] and tab for a message name
    • optimized player counts for this plugin's placeholders
    • made it work better with plugin managers and with /reload
  4. added test command

    • can now do /sleep test to test a random message
    • can do /sleep test [message] to test a specific message
    • can click on the message to cancel time passing and see its response
    • can do /sleep test [messages] to test a set of messages, though only the last message displayed will have its response used.
    • made the "badArgs" response configurable to improve language compatibility
    • fixed tab completion for partial commands so that only the matching subset is given.
  5. minor bugfix

    update config version on config update
  6. auto weather sync for multi-world setups

    • if doOtherWorlds is true, sync weather changes
    • updated weather duration
    • minor bugfix
  7. PAPI support

    Added softdepend on PlaceholderAPI so you can use those placeholders if you have the plugin.

    Added world list so that we can add world name placeholders as-needed.

    messages.yml has been updated accordingly, so make sure to copy your changes.

    note: the player sleeping will be different from the player calling wakeup, so the placeholder results will be different.
  8. bugfixes

    moved a line of code
    fixed "no players sleeping" bug
    fixed getting out of bed cancelling tasks that should continue
    fixed world placeholders
    (consolidated bug fixes into new version)
  9. fixes

    decoupled wakeup from sleep.see
    fixed extra randomization
    fixed wakeup
  10. overhauled world handling

    consolidated multi-world config options into doOtherWorlds and doOtherDimensions.
    changed a bunch of code for world handling.
    updated config.yml
    updated messages.yml
    fixed rain not clearing on wakeup with high stopTime values