OnePlayerSleepingIsEnough 1.1.1

When multiple players are connected to server, only one sleeping is needed to change time to day.

  1. TheAcastus
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    Source Code:

    As name describes, this plugin allow to change in-game daytime from night to day or from thunderstorm to clear weather (like vanilla sleeping).
    Except only one player is needed to sleep to change it.

    Easy to install (just drop it to yours plugins folder and restart the server), no configuration, no commands, no permissions!


    Currently I do run a private server for me and my fellow friends where we play semi-vanilla survival in 1.14.

    On our server we were looking for plugin with this simple vanilla functionality, but we haven't found any working stable or without bugs. A datapack was found but was broken either.

    So this plugin does that right and only that, nothing else.

    • Change in-game time from night to day if a player sleeps
    • Change weather from thunderstorm to sunny
    • Tiny chat announcement that a player is sleeping (see a screenshot)
    • If gamerule 'doDaylightCycle' is set to false - players are not allowed to sleep at all
    So like vanilla sleeping in single player.


    This project is released under MIT License.
    Source code is available at GitHub