OneUUID 1.5

Locks Mojang accounts to one username on a server.

  1. OneUUID v1.4


    This release is fairly big.

    * Updated Bukkit to 1.7.10
    * Add /oneuuid getuuid, which allows you to find out a player's current UUID:
    ** New config option: //getUUIDHelpMessage//
    ** New config option: //getUUIDMessage//
    ** New config option: //cantGetUUIDMessage//
    ** New permission: //oneuuid.getuuid//, default for OPs
    * Added /oneuuid help message to the config instead of hardcoded
    * Removed the /oneuuid help from the message itself (the command is now a fallback command instead)
    * Added back //oneuuid bypass// command:
    ** New permission: //oneuuid.bypass//, default for OPs
    ** Using PlayerLoginEvent instead of AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent

    Bug fixes:
    * Fixed MySQL from crashing when connection is lost

    Under the hood:
    * Use DBObject instead of DBCursor while using Mongo to find only one object
    * Renamed //Config.reloadValues(...)// to //Config.loadConfig(...)//
    * Use general and settings configuration sections directly while loading config
    * Use PlayerLoginEvent instead of AsyncPlayerPreLoginEvent
    * Load instance in //onLoad(...)// instead of //onEnable(...)//
    * Removed direct reference to the Logger and the FileConfiguration
    * Added UUIDAPI - thanks Tempest/Yive
    * Removed DatabaseType - unnecessary.

    Hope you enjoy!
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