OneWayBlocks 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT

Assign textures to different block sides

  1. 1.12/1.13 support

    • added support for 1.12 & 1.13
    • removed customizable wand item from config due to the 1.13 changes which will take me longer to update all libraries
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  2. 1.11 support

    • 1.11 support
    • replaced MCStats with bStats
  3. Fix

    • updated ReflectionHelper to fix some conflicts with other plugins
  4. Inverted textures

    • changed behaviour of the inverted option to apply the selected texture to all sides of the blocks, but keep the clicked side as the original texture
    • you can now also select air as a texture
    Example (air texture applied to the bottom side)
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  5. Disabled interact

    • the plugin now refreshes blocks after players click them, to prevent them from resetting their texture
  6. Performance improvements

    • Sorry, I had to break things.
      • blocks converted before this version don't work anymore.
      • But you can just ((optional) break them and) convert them again and they'll work just fine
    • improved performance
      • markers for visibility checks are now spawned directly when converting blocks, which should use a lot less memory
  7. Fix

  8. Minor update

    • (slightly) optimized movement checks
    • replace blocks sooner