onJoinCommands 1.2.1

Run commands when a player joins!

  1. MrEminent42
    This is a fairly simple plugin that allows you to run commands when a player joins your server.

    With this example, the command /warp a will be executed by the player, and the command /say Welcome to the server! will be executed by console.
    Code (Text):
      - warp A
      - say Welcome to the server!
    Warning, you cannot put a '/' in front of the commands. They have to be like if you're sending them from console.

    {PLAYER} - replaced with the name of the player that toggles the event (joins). You can use this in both sections of the configuration.

    • Console commands
    • Commands when a player quits
    • Able to put '/' in commands
    • {player} variable
    • Execute commands after a set amount of time (Thanks, @Traumkraft)
    • Any ideas you guys have!
    I'd appreciate it if when you use it, you give the plugin an honest review!

    All of my plugins utilize the All Rights Reserved license. This means that you cannot modify or redistribute without my permission.

    If you give my plugin a bad review because you want something added, the review will be reported and I will not add the requested feature to the plugin.

Recent Updates

  1. Bug Fix - v1.2.1
  2. {PLAYER} variable - v1.2
  3. Console Commands! - v1.1

Recent Reviews

  1. TRG_Ray
    Version: 1.2.1
    Best plugin ever. 100% suits my need. Hope adds a reload command in the future, but still awesome!!!
  2. AlphaKingMC
    Version: 1.2.1
    Works well, is this plugin still active? I just wanted to know because if not I wanted to decompile it and keep updating it JUST for my server, not for download. Since I need permission just let me know. Thanks! Good plugin.
    1. MrEminent42
      Author's Response
      PM me about this and we can talk.