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  1. Shadow48402
    What is Online Management?
    Online Management is a simple plugin to create a database connection where it's data of online players put in. The website part of this project (Can be found in the recources) gets the images from a service with the name '' and show them with a script on the page. You don't need to be good with scripting (PHP/ HTML/ CSS*) to make this look a bit better.

    How to setup

    1. Download the plugin on this page
    2. Place the plugin in your plugin folder
    3. Run your server
    4. There is now a config.yml file created, you need to set your MySQL settings in the config
    5. Restart your server
    1. Download it as ZIP on my Github page
    2. Unzip it and copy it to your webhost
    3. There is a config.php, you need to fill in your information in there it's the same as in the plugin config!

    • /om - Plugin information
      • /om table <create|remove|reset> - Manage tables
      • Permission: onlinemanagement.table.<subcommand>
    • /online - Check the online players
    • /staff - Default staff command
      • /staff help - help screen
      • /staff list - see the staff list
      • /staff online - see the online staff
    • /ban <player> (<reason>)
    • /unban <player>
    Format Tags

    Join / Leave message:
    • %name% - Get the Minecraft username of the player
    • %displayname% - Get the displayed name of the player
    • %level% - Get the XP level of the player
    • %world% - Get the world of the player

    Config Files

    Code (Text):

    Port: '3306'
    Database: mc76
    Username: mc76
    Password: 5cbf997790
    - Since
    - Kills
    - Deads
    DefaultBanMessage: '&4You are banned from this server!'

    Code (Text):

    - koekjedeeg3
    koekjedeeg3: Developer
        Name: '&b'
        Rank: '&7'

    Recources/Source Code
    • A MySQL Database
    • A Webhost
    • A Minecraft Server
    • Someone to set everything up (You?)

    • Creating classes (PHP) so I can catch skins by myself
    • Style the website part
    • Adding more info:
      • How long online
      • Kills
      • Deaths
      • Etc.
    • Staff Online
    • Ban system (including website view)
    • Join and leave messages
    • Permission Support (See the ranks) #Wait this is information? Yup
    • ...? I don't know...
    Suggestions and questions are welcome <3

Recent Updates

  1. Bugfixes <Connection>
  2. Join and Leave message added
  3. Bug Fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. ALMJHOL2344
    Nice Plugin :D
  2. martijn12807
    Maby add a friend system ? so you can see if you join the server of there any friends online
    1. Shadow48402
      Author's Response
      Very good suggestion! Thank you
  3. YanFrancisco
    Version: 1.0.2
    10/10 :)
    1. Shadow48402
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)