Online Player GUI v.1.0

Useful plugin that shows through a menu, players who are online.

  1. LuisGerdez

    This is a plugin which shows the players connected to the server and the date when connected in a GUI menu.

    /online - (onlinegui.use) - Command to open the menu.

    This plugin required to run the Skript and SKQuery plugin, you can download it from: Player GUI -

    Installing this plugin is very simple, just follow these steps correctly:

    1.- Download dependencies, and paste them into the plugin folder of your server.
    2.- Start Server to load the dependencies correctly.
    3.- Stop Server.
    4.- Download the plugin and paste into the plugins folder on your server.
    5.- Start Server. And enjoy the plugin!.

    Green = Completed
    Red = Coming soon​
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Recent Reviews

  1. Clazher
    Version: v.1.0
    Please add the option to run a command when you click the head of a player in the gui, thanks anyways, is a great plugin.
  2. AndresCouvel
    Version: v.1.0
    Por favor, añade la opción para correr un comando y algunos placeholders cuando le de a la cabeza de el jugador, por ejemplo en un plugin de UHC, correr el comando /team [onlineplayer] o para ver el balance por ejemplo /money [onlineplayer] Muchas gracias y ojalá lo hagas!