Online time, changing name to Usefullcmds 1.6

/ot tells the player time spent on the server

  1. liwaa
    time on server [usefullcmds] is a plugin that tells you the time spent playing on the server in Seconds, minutes, and hours, the server ip, hour health, and what item is in your hand with:
    /jump permission: usefullcmds.jump
    tos = time on server
    if you have any suggestion pm me

    add configuration: done
    add usefull commands: done

    main message: '&6Time spent on the server:'
    In Seconds: '&cIn Seconds: &byou have been playing for '
    In Seconds2: ' &bSeconds'
    In Minutes: '&cIn Minutes: &byou have been playing for '
    In Minutes2: ' &bMinutes'
    In Hours: '&cIn Hours: &byou have been playing for '
    In Hours2: ' &bHours'
    health message: '&8[&3ServerName&8] &7>> &b&l %player% &c&lyour health is: &5'
    IP: '&8[&3ServerName&8] &7>> &5&lserver.ip, set it in the config'
    item in hand: '&8[&3ServerName&8] &7>> &aYou are holding: &6'
    Potion Effect: '&8[&3ServerName&8] &7>> &cYou can now jump higher for 10 seconds'
    Potion Effect Strength: 2