OnlineMode 1.0

A plugin to prevent players to join the server if it is not released.

  1. Dave5051337
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Dave505, JoaStuart
    Languages Supported:

    OnlineMode is a plugin which prevents players to join the server if it is not released. Once the server has been started, only players and administrators with op or the permission server.join can go on the server until an administrator with the permission server.toggle uses the command '/server on' to so that all players can access the server even without any permission. With the command '/server off' an administrator can set the server's mode to offline so that players can no longer go to the server. You can set the mode to online if you use the command '/server on'. With the command '/server status' you can see the status of the server.

    The languages of the plugin are English and German. The main language is English, but you can change the language in the Config.yml or with the command '/server lang <EN/DE>'.
    If you want to help with the plugin and can also speak a language other than English or German, you can contact us in the comments and send all the messages in that language. These languages will be added in the plugin.

    The plugin was programmed by JoaStuart and Dave505.

    - Dave505: German
    - JoaStuart: English


    #1 = Server off
    Language: EN
    Whitelist: 1
    Ersteller: Plugin erstellt von Dave505 und JoaStuart.
    Version: '2.1'
    JoinMessage: §4§lDer Server ist offline! \n\n§7Du kannst nicht joinen, da der Server
    noch nicht freigegeben ist! \n\n§7Bitte versuche es später erneut!
    KickMessage: §4§lDer Server ist offline! \n\n§7Du wurdest gekickt, da der Server
    noch nicht freigegeben ist! \n\n§7Bitte versuche es später erneut!
    AlreadyOnline: §7Der Server ist schon §2§lonline§r§7!
    IsOnline: §7Der Server ist §2§lonline§r§7.
    SetOnline: §7Der Server ist jetzt §2§lonline§r§7.
    AlreadyOffline: §7Der Server ist schon §4§loffline§r§7!
    IsOffline: §7Der Server ist §4§loffline§r§7.
    SetOffline: §7Der Server ist nun §4§loffline§r§7.
    NoPermission: §cDas darfst du nicht!
    WrongUsage: §4Bitte benutze §c/server <on/off/status>§4!
    Joined: §aDu bist auf den Server gegangen, obwohl er noch nicht freigegeben ist!
    SetLanguage: '§7Die Sprache ist jetzt: §2'
    JoinMessage: §4§lThe server is offline! \n\n§7You can't join because the server
    is offline. \n\n§7Please try again later!
    KickMessage: §4§lThe server is offline! \n\n§7You were kicked because the server
    was taken offline! \n\n§7Please try again later!
    AlreadyOnline: §7The server is already §2§lonline§r§7!
    IsOnline: §7The server is §2§lonline§r§7.
    SetOnline: §7The server was set to §2§lonline§r§7.
    AlreadyOffline: §7The server is already §4§loffline§r§7!
    IsOffline: §7The server is §4§loffline§r§7.
    SetOffline: §7The server was set to §4§loffline§r§7.
    NoPermission: §cYou have no permission to do that!
    WrongUsage: §4Please use §c/server <on/off/status>§4!
    Joined: §aYou joined the server although it is offline!
    SetLanguage: '§7The language is now: §2'

    Permission: Usage:
    server.toggle '/server <on/off/>', '/server status'

    server.lang '/server lang <DE/EN>'

    server.join You can always join the server

    Command: Usage:

    /server <ON/OFF> Set the server's mode to online/offline

    /server status Shows the mode of the server

    /server lang <DE/EN> Changes the language of the plugin