OnlineStaff [Bridge] 1.5

Light weight Bungee/Bukkit plugin that will allow communities to see staff online via a web page

  1. Toni
    OnlineStaff [Bridge]
    A simple and light weight Bungee/Bukkit plugin that will allow server owners to query a database associated with OnlineStaff in order to get data on whether a staff member is online.

    Note: This Bungee/Bukkit module supports the saving of the staff's current server they're currently online on! It uses names saved inside the config.yml. The Bukkit portion of this bridge is used to handle permissions within Bukkit-based permissions instead of BungeeCord! So you may add permissions normally to your permissions plugin without having to worry about adding it to BungeeCord's config.yml.

    Commands and Permissions
    There is only one command currently that will allow reloading of the configuration file to edit changes to the database connection.
    Command: /osreload
    Permission: onlinestaff.reload
    Description: Reload OnlineStaff's configuration file.

    Permission node for staff groups / players

    Permission: onlinestaff.staff
    Note: As this is a Bridge (Bungee/Bukkit) plugin, it handles permissions via Bukkit-based permission systems (i.e. zPermissions, Pex). You don't need to add permissions within BungeeCord's config.yml! Save yourself the hassle and use this recommended version!

    Web Usage
    I've taken the liberty to create and include a premade PHP script that will show as an example of how you may use this plugin on the web end. Of course it's just bare bones and no styling, however with just the example I gave users should be able to figure out how to do so much more with the information.

    The script can be found above as "onlinestaff.php"

    Once you open it up, the only thing that you'll need to change (if you plan on just keeping it a list) is just the mysql connection credentials. Do as you please with this script, however I'd appreciate if a little credit was directed back to my community (

    Developer Notes
    Other than that, have fun and I hope this plugin gives you an easy time to work with and the functionality of this plugin will provide you with much more!

    Source is also available on GitHub: