[Only One Command] Runner Game 1.0

A vanilla minecraft game.

  1. thijs_pieter
    (This is my first resource)
    Welcome to Runner.
    In this game you need to run over the gold blocks to get points.
    Make sure you server is on Minecraft Vanilla 1.8.8
    If there is any bugs please go to the dissucion tab.

    Everytime you get 100 points you speed boost is getting faster.
    How more points you get, how faster you get points.
    How to setup:
    Step 1:
    Set you server version in 1.8.8 vanilla.
    Then restart it.

    Step 2:
    Make a new world and set it to creative mode (if on server you need op)
    Call the world: Runner.


    Step 3:
    Click on: More World Options...
    Then look at the image.


    Step 4:
    Click on World Type, and set it to Superflat, then click on: Customize.


    Step 5:

    If you clicked on Customize, you click: Presets.
    Then change grass to gold_block and click on: Use Preset


    Step 6: Click on done and create world.

    Step 7: If you using a server, then use some of FTP program to acces you files and put in the Runner world. If singleplayer, install the command.

    Step 8: Set the standard world to Runner if you using Multicraft, then save and restart you server again and install the command.

    Step 9: You ready to go! If any bugs please report them. And last thing, set /difficulty 0