OnlyBlockRegen 0.1

Break a block and after sometime it'll regenerate

    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    by logo.png
    This minecraft plugin for 1.13 and on, make a broken block another, then after a delay get back to normal, for example, you break a coal_ore, it become cobblestone and after some time it's again coal_ore, simple right?


    - /onlyblockadd <Block> <While_in_delay_Block> <delay>
    For example, we want a coal_ore to be become a COBBLESTONE after getting broken, then after about 5 seconds get back to coal_ore, the command will be: /onlyblockadd COAL_ORE COBBLESTONE 5 Simple right?

    - /onlyblockregen
    Show a list of commands

    - /onlyblockGUI
    Open a GUI where you can manage things, like see block and their info and delete all of them.


    - OnlyBlockRegen.Command-List
    To use the command /onlyblockregen

    - OnlyBlockRegen.GUI
    To open and use the GUI

    - OnlyBlockRegen.AddBlock
    To use the /addblock command

    - OnlyBlockRegen.BreakBlock
    To break a block (and skip the regeneration of it)

    For info, suggestions or whatever, join in DISCORD
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