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Log when your staff clock in and out with OnTheClock!

  1. Ar7ific1al
    On The Clock
    On the Clock is a very simple plugin which logs the individual login and logout times of your staff or players who have the "otc.clock" permission.

    On The Clock v2.0
    On the Clock, or OTC, was rewritten from the ground up for 2.0. The plugin takes a new approach with YAML instead of text files. This format is much better, and is much more organized.

    Each player with the proper permissions has a playername.yml located in the plugin's data folder which logs the player's log in and log out times, and holds the player's custom login announcement.
    Player.yml files are formatted nicely, and stored in plugins/OnTheClock/Players. The path to a certain date will be, for example, 2013.January.25. Each day is logged individually, with the latest date being on top. Login and logout are logged from earliest to latest. Custom player announcement are also stored here, at the top of the config. Here's an example from my local Player.yml from plugin testing.
    Code (Text):
    Announcement: '&4Ar7ific1al&c will eat your family. '
        - 'In: 10:42:1'
        - 'Out: 11:3:34'
        - 'In: 11:5:7'
        - 'Out: 11:34:4'
        - 'In: 11:34:16'
        - 'Out: 11:35:5'
        - 'In: 11:40:41'
        - 'Out: 11:41:32'
        - 'In: 11:41:37'
        - 'Out: 11:44:18'
        - 'In: 11:44:30'
        - 'Out: 11:44:56'
        - 'In: 11:45:0'
        - 'Out: 12:5:29'
        - 'In: 12:5:41'
        - 'Out: 12:6:12'
        - 'In: 22:42:1'
        - 'Out: 23:3:34'
        - 'In: 23:5:7'
        - 'Out: 23:34:4'
        - 'In: 23:34:16'
        - 'Out: 23:35:5'
    The plugin now uses a config file for a couple customizeable aspects of the plugin. The settings.yml file is located at plugins/OnTheClock.

    There are currently two aspects of the plugin's settings which can be customized. Those are the prefix variable, which appears at the beginning of each player login announcement, and the default announcement. Below is the default settings.yml. Note the variable %p which is replaced with the player's name.
    Code (Text):
    #Placed at the beginning of each announcement
        Announcement Prefix: "&6[OTC]&f "
    #The default login message for players without custom login message permissions
        Announcements: "&c%p &eis here! Need help? Ask them!"
    The key permission is otc.clock which will log the log in and log out times of players.
    Click the link for a full list of permissions.

    OTC has something called "custom broadcasts." Players with permission otc.announce.custom can set a custom broadcast message to be broadcast when they log in with the command /otc cb Message with formatting goes here

    === Change Log ===
    ==== 3/25/2013 ====

    * Version 2.0
    * Complete plugin rewrite and overhaul!
    * Player clock in/out is now logged to plugins/OnTheClock/Players/playername.yml
    * Players' custom announcements are stored in the same file at plugins/OnTheClock/Players/playername.yml
    * Changes to permissions and commands, detailed above in What's New

    ==== 1/29/2013 ====
    * Version 1.6
    * "Player joined the game." and OTC announcements no longer show at the same time upon player login. Players with permission "otc.announce.mod" or "otc.announce.special" will not broadcast "Player joined the game." upon logging in.
    * OP players no longer automatically have otc.clock. Give this permission to the group(s) and player(s) who need it.
    * Modified "/otc sa" command. Now split into two commands: "/otc sa" to check your current special announcement and "/otc sa <message>" to set your special announcement.

    ==== 12/25/2012 ====
    * Version 1.5
    * Added permissions "otc.announce.mod" and "otc.announce.special".
    * Added command "/otc sa <message>" for players to set their special announcement to be broadcast upon login. Requires permission "otc.announce.special".
    * OP players no longer automatically have otc.announce.mod, or otc.announce.special. Give these permissions to the group or players.

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