Oops 1.0

Correct commands that are invalid or require a permission the sender lacks.

  1. Jikoo

    Oops attempts to correct any command issued if invalid or if the sender lacks the required permission.​
    Commands require the oops.use permission, default true.
    /oops - Correct your last command.
    /oops reload - Reload the configuration. Requires the permission oops.reload, default op.

    Code (Text):
    # Aliases for /oops to inject
    # Note: this will forcibly override any commands added by other plugins which enable before Oops!
    # It will not override aliases added by commands.yml
    - opps
    - whoops

    # Rather than prompt users to use /oops, instantly correct the command.
    # Note: This option is highly dangerous! Imagine meaning to send a message and opping someone.
    instant-correction: false

      # {0} = /, if required. {1} = corrected command name.
      # As console is supported, the forward slash may or may not exist.
      oops: '&6&lOops! &aDid you mean &b{0}{1}&a? Run &b{0}oops&a!'
    Known Issues
    • Oops does not support plugins that do not properly set up their commands' permissions. Looking mostly at you, Essentials. Any command that is not properly set up can be suggested, even if the sender doesn't have a permission it requires.
    • Oops does not attempt to correct command arguments - most plugins do not have good tab completion, so it's not worth the work.

    Available on GitHub.
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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