OpChat - Back Again! [FREE-VERSION] 0.7

Opchat, allows you to customize your chat, add party, private messages, block words, and more!

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    • 1.16
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    Customizable in messages.yml

    OpChat is chat management and formatting solution for spigot that reduces amount of spam, ads and swearing on your server!

    OpChat is only 1.16 plugin!

    Pro version || Issue Tracker || Wiki || Permissions || Configuration

    Auto messages:

    thanks to which players on the server will get information about what you put there, this option is 100% changeable on the server side

    Useful commands:

    Command /chat:

    it is the main command that controls the plugin, thanks to it we can get information about the plugin configuration / chat help, we can reload the plugin / chat reload, but also manipulate the chat by cleaning, disabling and enabling it. All messages are configurable!

    /Me command:

    this is a command to underline the message, it can also be used for RP servers, fully customizable

    /Helpop command:

    aims to increase the player's communication with the administration, thanks to which the player can write a given thing not to each admin separately via a private message, but to the entire online administration, fully changeable

    Command /broadcast:

    it is a command with many functions, it can be used as an announcer of events, announcements but also other server matters

    Custom Messages:

    the plugin offers to change the messages entering and exiting the server through groups that are connected to the Vault plugin.

    Also offers to change chat messages for groups, for example: image.png

    Private Message System:

    idea taken from essentials plugin, it aims to increase player's privacy among other players on the server.

    It includes functions such as:

    /msg which is writing to the person

    /reply which is replying to the last person you wrote

    /ignore which is blocking a given player so that he cannot write to you

    /spy message preview

    All messages are changeable.

    Admins Chat:

    Often times the administration is forced to write on the helpop, which is quite an uncomfortable way, to avoid this I have added a simple admin chat to the plugin:

    the main command of this chat is / adminchat, we can enter our message here (if we have permissions etc.) or change the admin mode of the chat (toggle), this is a function that helps administrators who cannot write in 1 sentence, so just enter this the command no longer has to worry about typing / adminchat (or / ac) unless he enters this command again

    Chat delay:

    This feature is intended to prevent players from spamming messages, you can set messages and blocking values in config

    Code (Text):
      enabled: true
      inSeconds: 3
      delayChatWarn: '&8 ยป& cYou can write every &f&l% secondsDelayChat% &cseconds!'


    Anti-repetition of the same message (Parrot) system:

    It blocks messages that were previously written, which means that the player will not be able to write the same message within a certain time

    Capital letter locking system:

    this system prevents people who have forgotten to turn off the CAPS LOCK, or have simply become corrupted

    Emoji System:

    Have you ever wondered how nice a chat can be when you add emojis to it? it may be so now

    More info on my wiki page (github)

    Correct Sentence System:

    Many people can't just add a period to the end of a sentence or start capital letters, that's not a problem anymore!

    (All these options can be changed, even turned off)


    The main goal when adding this system was to connect players in groups of a few people, not as before that all players communicated via private messages.

    Party is for communication purpose only, it doesn't add self-teleporting capability or anything like that.

    The main and only command is / party

    it has many subcommands such as:

    - create - creating your own party

    - invite - allows you to invite the player to the party

    - leader - transfers the leader to someone else (from the party)

    - kick - kicks a player out of the party (if you are the leader)

    - members - shows party name, leader and player list

    - leave - leaves the party

    - toggle - changes the chat mode for yourself

    - accept - accepts an invitation to the party

    More features coming soon! ;)

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