OpenAntiVPN 1.0.2

Open source Anti-VPN

  1. ZevoGaems
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    • 1.16
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    No APIs, No money, Fast, and even Open Source

    This works by blocking connections from datacenters around the world to your Minecraft server, preventing VPN connections!

    What is this?
    This is an open source Anti-VPN based on the IPs from

    How does this work?
    Using the list above! That list provides a list of IPs from many many many datacenters around the world, which VPNs use to run their servers. By blocking these datacenters we block the VPNs.

    Does this block legit players?
    No, this will only block players who are connecting from a datacenter. Most cases those are VPNs and even custom VPN servers!

    Is this accurate?
    Yes! This is accurate and reliable. The list provided above is used by many others and provides IPs from many datacenters around the world.

    Will there be more features?
    Yes, also it is open source so feel free to contribute and I can approve it!

    If this becomes popular, I will add a discord, donations, a test server, and many other features!

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Recent Updates

  1. Added Config
  2. Made IP checking a little faster

Recent Reviews

  1. sukasingkong
    Version: 1.0.2
    Nice plugin, work on 1.18 too lot of VPN user cant join solve alot of problem nice plugin .