OpenAudioMc - Music - Speakers - Regions - Bungeecord 6.2.4

Add custom music and voice chat to your server, without mods or downloads.

  1. Minor patches and preps

    Hey folks!
    Small update time, once again
    • Patched some networking because some hosts were having problems with their HTTP proxy
    • Patched migrations for those who were having issues
    • Minor performance improvements and extra API features
    • Preparing some background work for a next upcoming update
    • We also released a document explaining privacy and transparent rules, nothing really changed with how we operate, just good to have...
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  2. Traincarts integration and aliases for sounds

  3. Small update fixing some things and adding a hover message

    Hey folks!
    Small update

    Some of you have complained about having issues with the saving and migrating of config files, that has now been fixed.

    Other small changes include
    • You now get a cute hover message over the click-to-connect link, you can, of course, change it in your config
    • Performance improvements for bungee cord
    • Migrations now don't mess up things like they did
    • Tokens now get properly cleared upon shutting down and don't complain about the class loader
    • Yet...
  4. Scaling, smoothening and the return of Plus

    6.2 Public release
    (it's pretty cool)
    Howdy folks!
    There we are, finally back with a big new release.
    Before we unpack this new fancy update, there's something important I have to say about the direction of the project.

    Up until this point, OpenAudioMc has been delivered as a "Product", meaning that you (as the end-user) downloaded the plugin,...
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  5. Upscaling and important fixes

    Hey all!
    It hasn't been too long since the last update but we've grown like crazy.
    In just the last month alone, we hit over 1000 additional downloads and had some big servers join the network (like Imagine Fun and a few festivals).

    With this enormous load, we had to upscale our server infrastructure which is now ludicrously expensive and big for a small hobby project but it's required to keep the service running for free. If you love the project please consider donating at...
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  6. Minor patches

    Implemented network compression and fixed timeouts
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  7. Connection fixes

    Contains some fixes related to connection issues. We have been overloaded for the last few days and upgraded our servers accordingly. Please update if you were having issues (both for bungee and spigot)

    As always, donations to keep the project running are greatly appreciated:

    And I launched a small one-off project, you can check it out here:
  8. Show fixes and implemented redis

    Another pretty important update, here's the list
    • Newly created configuration files now have tons of documentation
    • The speaker GUI used to not properly save radius changes, now it does.
    • Added support for redis! Mainly a purpose build thing for with their new parties. Redis can be used to synchronize openaudiomc shows across multiple servers and run on multiple bungee's at the same time utilizing RedisBungee
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  9. Important update

    Hey folks!
    It's been a while.
    Over the last few months, some things broke due to google's security policy so here are some updates and fixes for connections, along with oa internal fixes.

    • Fixed speakers and region issues for 1.15 and now 1.16
    • Fixed speaker issues for 1.8
    • Shows now support mutliworld (for commands like setblock etc), please do note that if you were having issues with this, you must delete and remake the cue in the world you want the block to be...
  10. Shows update part two

    hey all!

    This is a minor update to add some improvements and a new feature to shows called "loop" which will allow you to loop a show. This new feature is available via the command and the GUI.

    For more info, please refer to the previous update.