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  1. Shows! Shows! Speakers and more shows!

    (re-upload with slightly patched build)

    Hey folks!
    This is another big update. let's go over them in a quick list, and then go into more detail.
    • [+] Show system
    • [+] Speaker GUI
    • [+] New timing system
    • [+] Client recommendation message (in config)
    • [~] Fixed networking issues on some hosts
    • [~] Fixed speaker commands
    • [~] Fixed performance issues
    • [~] WorldGuard region priority can be disabled in config
    • [~] Fixed connection issues
    After some requests, shows are finally here!
    You can now create perfectly synced timecoded shows as seen in this demo:

    Shows can be used to schedule commands or other actions as a "show" and be managed individually via commands or a GUI. Shows are not effected by lag since they are properly multithreaded, meaning that TPS drops won't cause your show to get out-of-sync with your music.
    For more information, visit

    Speakers have been a centerpiece of OpenAudioMc for a long time. But you can now finally edit them.

    Right-clicking on a speaker pops op a menu where you can change the range in which you can hear the speaker without having to replace it.


    There also have been a lot of fixes. Users who previously had issues with their host and network settings may finally use openaudiomc since we now include a workaround for forced HTTP proxies.

    Because of the new config values, we recommend you delete your config.yml before updating the plugin.

    Client Recommendation Message
    A new message the player can receive when they do not have the web-client open as a hint to do so. The maximum interval and message can be configured in the config. This message pops up when a sound is started but the player didn't have their WebClient open.

    There was some inactivity on the project for the last while because I was working on my new job and OpenAudioMc encountered quite a few backend updates over the last month, many of which you won't even notice but will help to bring you a smoother experience.

    OpenAudioMc is brought you completely for free and funded by my own free time and servers. If you are feeling generous and want to support the project it would as always be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately there is not much I can give you extra in return outside of OpenAudioMc itself but we do have a donator discord rank.

    Thank you for sticking with me!
    Cya in the next update.
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