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  1. New years update: client, shows, media, login, speakers, velocity, speed, bedrock

    Hey there everyone!
    It's been a while due to personal reasons, but let's kick 2021 off with some good news (for once). The full changelog is at the end of this post, it's quite long, you have been warned.

    As always, if you want to support the project and its development, please consider donating since it really does help a lot :)

    The colours can be changed in OA+, as you would expect


    Enjoy :)

    • Added a `chat` and `actionbar` show trigger type to display messages (more info on
    • All-new the client web-UI
    • Added plugin support for obstruction support for 3D speakers (client support coming on a later date)
    • Added velocity support (by
    • You can now disable synchronization for specific speakers by disabling their sync option in the speaker configuration GUI
    • Speakers no longer have gamemode creative as a placement requirement, making them usable on survival servers (if players have the permissions)
    • The predictive audio pre-loading system now favours recent additions to sound over popularity
    • Fixed a bug with speaker garbage collection
    • Speaker garbage collection only purges the cache by default, but you can set it to forcefully delete speakers from storage by setting `gc-strategy` to `DELETE`
    • Protocol improvements lowering the packet rttt
    • Player sessions now get reset when the socket state changes, which fixes a bug that would make some URLs not work for minutes at a time
    • Plugin initialization is a lot faster because of the updated authentication flow, this also fixes a bug where blocked accounts got into illegal states
    • 3D speakers have improved gain ratios, improving sound quality
    • Added plugin support for obstruction support for 3D speakers (client support coming on a later date)
    • The `click-to-connect` message now supports the `{url}` and `{token}` placeholders, allowing you to display the login token and URL in the chat for Minecraft-bedrock clients.
    • The web client now has a separate login screen instead of defaulting to the "invalid session" page, making it more user-friendly for bedrock clients who need to log in manually
    • Audio tokens that are freshly created now cache for a little while, making URL creation after joining a lot faster
    • Broken speakers no longer drop the skull in survival mode
    • The speaker garbage collection now runs in paired groups instead of checking every speaker at once, reducing CPU load and loosening the world-load requirement for servers with a lot of speakers (1000+)
    • Reduced overall console spam/logging (but you can enable debug mode in the `data.yml`, and it'll log everything after a restart)
    • Removed the deprecated Cards API because of its many issues and lack in popularity
    • Fixed playback issues with the traincarts integration
    • Fixed visual bugs related to the `/volume` command
    • Improved the network capacity by adding servers (on our end)
    • Fixed dependency clashing with other plugins
    • The client now synchronizes the volume with the server, which adds the `Client#getVolume()` method to the api which can be used in all sorts of cool ways
    • The media documentation now contains a guide to help you choose a media source for your specific use case
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