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  1. Proximity Voice, Playlists, Accounts, Speakers, Regions and more

    Howdy howdy, it's me again, dropping by with a super big update, please read the full changelog and closing notes before updating since there are some things you need to pay attention to when updating and some news about the current state of voicechat and its rollout.

    Let's get started with the full changelog first:
    1. Worldguard `__global__` is now usable as a region
    2. Added a SoundCloud now playing widget (required by the SoundCloud TOS)
    3. Speaker Garbage Collection now automatically uses chunk scaling if there aren't too many
    4. The Speaker Set and Remove commands have been fixed for Minecraft versions above 1.12.2
    5. The Speaker ghost bug has been fixed for Minecraft versions above 1.12.2
    6. Added Playlists, JSON arrays of media links will now be loaded as a playlist and be played sequentially in Regions, Speakers and Ambiance Sounds. You can enable it manually by setting the `loop` flag in your play command.
    7. Re-added Philips hue support in the new client (with a new sleek UI as a free bonus)
    8. Time Synchronization has been improved when jumping over timezones
    9. the Java API had a small overhaul, adding new data methods, Hue API methods and voice chat hooks
    10. Node Servers (spigot based servers running under a bungee proxy) no longer request unused authentication headers, fixing issues with rate limiting on some bungee cord networks and setups
    11. Removed OpenAudioMc+
    12. Implemented [CraftmendAccounts]( to manage settings and addons like voice chat (replaces OpenAudioMc-Plus)
    13. More client messages (welcome message, button texts, global titles and more) are now accessible through your client settings on your craftmend account.
    14. Improved REST API, adding endpoints for server listings and advanced player details
    15. Added account-addon support, meaning that addons on your craftmend account will now synchronize with your servers automatically.
    16. Added Persistent Fingerprints, which can be used to automate the linking of fresh openaudiomc installations to your craftmend account and apply template settings (useful for scaling servers, like ImagineFun)
    17. Youtube URL support is more forgiving (automatically filtering broken tags and URL variables)
    18. Improved dark mode for the web client (text is more readable and accent details are more pronounced when using an all-black colour profile in your client settings)
    19. Added proximity voice chat which is super easy to use and doesn't require any client modifications (not enabled for all servers yet, please continue to read the update notes or documentation)
    20. Look-and-feel changes to the web client and login page (shifting default colours and layout to look better on smaller devices)
    21. Improved resource autoloading (its a little less trigger happy)
    22. Improved networking speed and responsiveness (more efficient internal network routing)
    23. Fixed some minor issues on bungee cord networks, which caused sessions to lock up or fail authentication with correct tokens
    Proximity Voice Chat
    For those who don't know, proximity voice chat is a feature that has been in the works for a really long time now. It's the simplest voice chat solution for Minecraft, requiring nothing more than the web client. Players can walk up to one another and hear each other through spatial audio.
    This update contains all the required code and modules for proximity voice chat to work, but it isn't available by default. I'm slowly rolling it out (dropping invite keys in the discord every now and then) to gain insight and data on server load. It's currently unclear if it's feasible to offer this feature for free, but I'm posting frequent updates on progress in the discord. Invited users can activate the feature on their account with a button and it'll just work from there on out. Public rollout won't require another update (when it becomes available), and we'll announce that in the discord too. I hope that you understand the reasoning behind this, a voice platform like this isn't built overnight.

    Craftmend accounts are here to replace the old backend infrastructure and OpenAudioMc+. Please check the documentation for more details, and please BACKUP your data.yml before migrating, in case that you do need to recover old settings or data.

    Bug fixes
    This update includes a hand of major bug fixes (mostly related to speakers). Please let me know if you need any assistance.

    The Media documentation has been updated to accommodate and explain how to use playlists

    Closing notes
    This update is by far the biggest update to ever hit openaudiomc (counting by development hours) and might come as a disappointment, since I don't feel comfortable releasing voice chat to the masses yet because of uncertainties to do with pricing and hosting. OpenAudioMc is a hobby project at its core, so I need to be careful when considering extra investments like this.

    Please join our Discord ( to stay up to date with the latest news, development and test invites, or consider donating ( to support the project and its future.
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