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  1. Predictive audio, speed and improvements

    Hey all!
    Really exciting update today :)

    The goal of OpenAudioMc has always been to add smooth and seamless audio to your server. But with the internet being like it is, timing has always been a problem since files had to load before playing.
    Well, not anymore!
    This update adds a complex system that makes OpenAudioMc "learn" what sounds are likely to be played for a client, and preload it in the background as the player moves around the world.
    Meaning that the client will have the sound ready before it even started. This works for manual sounds, but also learns from regions, trains, events and is smart enough to ignore one-off sound effects.
    There's no additional setup required to get it up and running, but it might take an hour or so for openaudio to learn and discover patterns in usage to then make an efficient strategy.

    (for the techies, don't worry, it also unloads the files if the player moves away or does something else)

    Complete change log:
    • Implemented prefetch algorithm
    • Fixed small region bugs
    • Regions and speakers now instantly update upon opening the client
    • The show GUI now sorts based on timecodes
    • Ambience sound is more reliable
    • Overall speed and performance improvements
    enjoy! :)

    As always, feel free to join our discord if you have any questions, read the help site if you have any questions or donate if you really love the project as much as I love making it.
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