OpenAudioMc - Proximity Voice Chat - Realtime online music and effects - Bungeecord - Velocity 6.5.3

Add custom music and voice chat to your server, without mods or downloads.

  1. Important network update and bug fixes

    Howdy folks!

    Small update on the surface but it has some important changes.
    • Fixed a bug with the reconnect timer.
    • Fixed the reminder messages.
    • Implemented the new backend handler for our new hosting solution, which will be used pretty soon. Updating now means that this migration will go automatic and you won't have to worry about deadlines.
    • Just like the plugin, the client has also been updated (important for if you host your own one since you'll need to update that...
  2. Ambiance sound, Region fade time, API and more

    Hey all!
    Back again with another reasonably sized update.
    Hope you like it as always :)
    • {+} You can now specify the fade time for a region through the region GUI (stand in a region, and execute /oa region gui)
    • {+} Ambiance sound made a return! You can now add a media link in OpenAudioMc-Plus, and that sound will play when nothing else is going to prevent dead silent moments.
    • {+} Youtube and Soundcloud work a bit faster due to optimizations on the...
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  3. New style, messages and bug fixes.

    Hey all!
    Early update after 6.3.3 with some improvements.
    • A bug has been fixed which caused some user assets to not load
    • Messages have been added for a notice that your session is being created as early response and a proper error message if something went wrong towards the user.
    • The client now uses our new branding style (see the spigot page for a look) and now uses a new URL scheme (a client update is required if you host one yourself!
    • Download links weren't...
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  4. Youtube support, minor fixes

    Hey all!
    Back again with a minor yet important update. Let's go over the changes.
    • Added first party YouTube support! Still has some quirks which you can read about here You can still use the third party addon, it'll override OpenAudioMc's built-in decoder. For those who already had youtube from the beta, you'll now also get propper youtube error messages in-game.
    • Added a /oa show list...
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  5. Minor fixes, google drive and speed

    Hey folks!
    Back with a minor update, but contains some important stuff nonetheless.
    • Added beta YouTube support
    • Added a notice about our rules and privacy statement which you have to accept once before the plugin will be activated on your server.
    • GoogleDrive resources now get proxied by Cloudflare and contain some extra magic to now support files larger than 200MB (which wasn't previously possible) and has a major speed bump
    • SoundCloud sources now also get cached and...

    Hey folks!
    It's been a good while since I last posted a big update, but you can reset that counter to 0 days now.

    There's a lot to go over, so let's start with a changelog and then go over some notes.

    (get yourself a beverage of choice, there's a lot to unpack)
    • Rewrote documentation: Now contains more details, more articles, more examples and less of a pain in the butt to use. You can also contribute to articles since they...
  7. Minor patches and preps

    Hey folks!
    Small update time, once again
    • Patched some networking because some hosts were having problems with their HTTP proxy
    • Patched migrations for those who were having issues
    • Minor performance improvements and extra API features
    • Preparing some background work for a next upcoming update
    • We also released a document explaining privacy and transparent rules, nothing really changed with how we operate, just good to have...
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  8. Traincarts integration and aliases for sounds

  9. Small update fixing some things and adding a hover message

    Hey folks!
    Small update

    Some of you have complained about having issues with the saving and migrating of config files, that has now been fixed.

    Other small changes include
    • You now get a cute hover message over the click-to-connect link, you can, of course, change it in your config
    • Performance improvements for bungee cord
    • Migrations now don't mess up things like they did
    • Tokens now get properly cleared upon shutting down and don't complain about the class loader
    • Yet...
  10. Scaling, smoothening and the return of Plus

    6.2 Public release
    (it's pretty cool)
    Howdy folks!
    There we are, finally back with a big new release.
    Before we unpack this new fancy update, there's something important I have to say about the direction of the project.

    Up until this point, OpenAudioMc has been delivered as a "Product", meaning that you (as the end-user) downloaded the plugin,...
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