OpenAudioMc - Proximity Voice Chat - Realtime online music and effects - Bungeecord - Velocity 6.5.4

Add custom music and voice chat to your server, without mods or downloads.

  1. Fix temp region bug

    While refactoring, Intellij broke something with the temp regions.
    Here's a small fix.
  2. Bungeecord bug fix + temporary regions

    Another small but peacefull update.
    Adds a bugfix for bungeecord and a new region option, "temp".

    Using a temporary region creates, well, a temporary region that expires after x amount of seconds.
    Use it like this
    Code (Text):

    /oa region temp <WG-region> <source> <duration>
    Where duration is in seconds.

    Code (Text):

    /oa region temp spawn 60
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  3. Speaker range and bungeecord fix

    Smaller update, again thanks to the active discord community with a carefully looking eye, feature requests and willpower to break things.
    • Fixed issue on older bungeecord versions
    • Added a radius option to the speaker command
    You can now use
    Code (Text):

    /oa speaker <source> [range]
    To create a speaker with custom range
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  4. Bungeecord awesomeness

    Update time.

    There where a few users in the Discord with fair and good feature requests so I implemented them.

    You can now use CommandBlocks, Speakers, and Regions with bungeecord!
    Just install the plugin in all of your servers and that's it :)
    No config required.

    Existing speakers and regions will automatically be imported into your bungeecord network, the player can switch between servers while keeping the web client open and everything will work like you'd...
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  5. New Client - Bungeecord - Voice Chat - Notifications - Speakers - Media


    Hey everyone!
    It's time for another update, the biggest one until now.

    As described in this blogpost it is time for OpenAudioMc to head into a new direction as it comes to its target audience and features supporting that.

    Let's head over a quick changelog first and then talk about the differences in-depth.
    • ...
  6. java 8 rebuild

    A rebuild of the last version with java 8, for those who had problems.
  7. New minecraft versions!

    Hey all!

    Back again with yet another update!
    First of all, i know i had a LOT of updates last days, thats because i have a lot of time right now, as well as motivation!

    This updates brings smoother speakers to 1.12, and fixes a lot of issues for minecraft 1.14!

    1.14 is now 100% supported!
  8. [not important update for existing users] configuration changes

    Hey all!

    Lets start of by saying that if you already have openaudiomc installed, you can skip this update.
    It fixes a few things for NEW users, so if you are not experiencing problems with the last release, don't bother to update.
  9. Client update and plugin improvements

    Hey there!

    Here is a pretty important update.
    A lot of users where making note of connection issues on certain servers, this has been fixed.

    This plugin update comes along with a client update, which is a bit bigger.

    It not only contains UI fixess and improvements, but also a new fading system that fixes some issues with regions and makes speakers a lot smoother.

    have a nice day!
    Mats out.
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  10. minor fixes

    Hey there!

    This update is for minor fixes regarding clients, connections and addons since a small part of the api has been destroyed by me boing super not smart.
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