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  1. Bug fixes, improvements and extra command

    Hey again!

    Here is a small plugin update to go along with the web client update that I rolled out an hour ago.

    This update contains some improvements related to networking and efficiency but also fixes some things with selectors where a few people where having problems.

    This update also has a new command, this is the state command
    Code (Text):

    /oa state
    it does nothing more than print information, but the information is really useful when requesting help in the discord.

    Have a nice day!
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  2. 1.14 - Features - Fixes - Improvements

    Please see the last update for more details.
    This version provides compatibility for older java versions, since some of you reported problems about that.

    So here you go.
  3. 1.14 - Features - Fixes - Improvements

    Hey volks, it's me again.

    This time, with a regular update,
    here are the changes.

    • [+] Versions below 1.13 now have support for custom selectors. Like region=
    • [+] You can now trigger the click to connect message for a player by executing /audio <selector> via either a command block or console...
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  4. Minor fixes

    Back again, with a minor patch.
    • Fixed: selectors for 1.13
    • Fixed: region= now actually targets the region like it is supposed to
    • Fixed: connection time-outs
    Not a lot, but hope it helps <3
    ly all
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  5. Speaker volume and minor bug fixes

    Howdy folks!

    It's that time again.

    Plugin changes:
    • Minor improvements
    • Fixed the /oa reload command
    • Fixed region loading
    Web client changes:
    • Speakers volume can now be changed via the volume slider
    • The current volume now gets properly saved
    • Volume is now shown
    • Minor improvements
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  6. 5.0 rewrite and important news

    Beep beep.. It's a heart beat!

    And welcome back.
    It has been almost a year since the last sign of life.

    You can find fore information about what happened at the bottom of this post. But first, the change log.

    5.0 and what you need to know
    5.0 is a complete rewrite since the last version.
    I took a good while to look at what happened and what went wrong, along with a sharp eye to see what could be improved.
    The rewrite brings (as the name...
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  7. 4.0 release (v2)

    Howdy my fellow humans!

    It has been 260 days since the last release, thats waaaay to long.

    But here we are, with 4.0!


    What is 4.0
    Change log:
    • ALL commands have been changed and old commands will no longer be supported, we did this add our new (way better) system, more info can be found over...
  8. 2.6 is here!

    Hello again!

    It has been a while but i'm back, this time with one of the biggest updates YET!

    Here is a short change log (i'll explain them all later)
    • Speakers! re written, faster and more stable
    • Speakers! New selection mode
    • Speakers! Per speaker volume control
    • Speakers! Toggelable speakers (individual)
    • NEW! Groups
    • NEW! Selectors...
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  9. Ambiance, new openaudiomc+ and more options.


    So, we've got some new features whe hope you will enjoy.

    Here is a list (more info and a tutorial can be found after this list)

    (reminder, you can login here:

    Ambiance sound
    Some parts in your server are just to quiet, after many requests ambiance sound is added.

    Ambiance sound plays when no sound is playing for x amount of seconds, it will stop when any form of audio starts so no more need...
  10. Ready, set, Region

    Save New Duplicate & Edit Just Text Twitter

    BIEM! Yet another update!

    This update fixes the region problems that where in openaudio since the start.

    I apologize that this is not the big update some of you hoped for but this dirty work needed to be done.

    These fixes include
    • Overlapping regions are no longer a problem
    • Crossfading is now actualy working
    • WgRegionEvents is no longer required

    But that is not all!
    Other fixes
    • Join message It now works...