OpenAudioMc - Proximity Voice Chat - Realtime online music and effects - Bungeecord - Velocity 6.5.4

Add custom music and voice chat to your server, without mods or downloads.

  1. 2.5.3, fixes, fixes and more fixes

    So! i'm back from vacation and school started, so does the oa development sycle.

    I'm sorry, this update does not add 9000 extra features (that update is comming realy soon and it's gonna be cool)

    • fixed the connection not starting
    • Broadcasts players with OP now get notified when an update is avalible or server maintenece is planned
    • Permissions all commands now have theire own permission, list is avalible here:...
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  2. Speakers! (and lots of fixes)

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  3. [Region fix] i dun goofed and i'm sorry :(

    so i dun goofed.

    i accidentally broke the regions in the last update and wanna say sorry to all users who depend on this funciton.

    (also sneaked some other fixes in)

    It is fixed and you have my apologies.

    Feel free to skip this update if you don't use regions
  4. Sync!

    exiting update for y'all!

    Sync if finaly here!

    What is sync, why and how to use it?
    One of the big problems with openaudio was that the user does not hear sound after he/she closes the client (and opens it again), leaves the server of is to late with opening the web client.

    This update solves that problem for good!
    Thanks to some magic (math and timers) sync can do these cool things:
    • Ensure you that your players have the sound synced and nice
    • Ensure that users hear the...
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  5. OpenAudioMc+ (and bug fixes)

    Openaudiomc+? whots that? BURN IT! GET THE FLAMETHROWER WAAH!

    Shh listen up grass-hopper, it's actualy pretty cool ;)

    All jokes aside, openaudiomc+ is the new way of configuring your web client

    OpenAudioMc+ brings you the option to add JavaScript Addons (with the improved api but we will come back to that later)
    Add css options and do other sorts of cool things

    Dash board
    Let's first look at the cashboard (picture above)
    This is the...
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  6. 2.2 update! (pretty cool)

    It's that time again, time for updates!
    This is one of the biggest updates yet :)

    Let's go through all the changes

    /oa and /oam
    A shorter version of the /openaudio command

    You can now skip to a sertain part in a song,
    for example
    Code (Text):

    /oa skipto @a sound1 60
    will skip sound1 to the 1 min mark

    Skript api
    The addon "OpenAudio-Sk-Events" got merged with this plugin, that means that the skript events will now be enabled when skript is found...
  7. Control! control! and more control! (aka the ID update)

    (Re post of the update form yesterday, may have done something stupid. No need to update if you allready have the 2.1 from yesterday)

    (Oh yeah, did you know we now have a twitter?)

    Whats new?
    Change log:
    • Added id support
    • Added forced volume
    • Toggles (play/pause)

    *Announcer*: Welcome to this introduction of the ID system
    Average reader: Yeah yeah get on...
  8. the ssl fallout (SSL, Playlists and more)

    OpenAudioMc switched to ssl for the servers, this comes with one problem tho..

    A required update :(
    Don't worry! this will be the last required update!

    Whats new:
    • Playlist support
    • Ssl support (when enabled in the advanced config file)

    How to setup an example playlist?
    follow me :D

    Step one, set the first two songs
    /openaudio playlist set rick 1
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  9. OpenAudioMc 2.0! (Rewrite and more) (re 2)

    So, it has been a while but we are back! and stronger than before!

    This update is a complete rewrite of.. well.. everything.

    Let's start with some technical updates and work our way to the new features.

    Backend updates:
    • OpenAudioMc 2.0 is no longer based on jetty, so the minecraft server does no longer host the socket server. we made a socketio server (hosted by craftmend) which handels all the trafic, this means no ALL hosts are compatible, no more stupid setup and most...
  10. Skript update: ONLY FOR DEVELOPERS