OpenAudioMc - Proximity Voice Chat - Realtime online music and effects - Bungeecord - Velocity 6.5.4

Add custom music and voice chat to your server, without mods or downloads.

  1. Admin update

    Big update (again)

    • Core rewrite Ya know all the problems with 'i can't connect :(' well they have all been fixed! :D (complete rewrite of sessions)
    • Spy mode get notified when someone connects /openaudio users spy
    • Info check if a users is connected and get more info! /openaudio users info <mcname>
    • Updated help help pages are now better
    • Events read more below
    • Hue philips hue menu and ui have been...
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  2. The HUE update

    Hey guys, first big update in a while!

    • Philips hue control the lights in your room to make the experience of your players even more immersive.
    • Hue API
    • A lot of bug fixes (a crap ton of them)
    • Improved loading time (Just that)
    • More sound playing options use /openaudio play <player> <url> stop to stop the sounds and play it single

    What is hue?
    Welp, watch this vid:...
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  3. Sorry :(

    Dear users, there where a lot of problems with the last update.
    this update does not introduce any new features but a lot of bug fixes

    and again


  4. 1.6.3 update

    New features:
    • Cross fading: Regions can now fade! fading behavior can be changed in settings (regions will crossfade when next to each other)
    • New command: /openaudio region bind <region name> <file> to add a sound to an existing region
    • New command: /openaudio region unbind <region name> <file> to remove the sound of an existing region (without deleting the wg region) more info can be found in /openaudio help 7!
    • Mobile...
  5. The API update (and new features)

    Change log:
    • New: Api for developers! yes finally :D you now can write your own plugins that use openaudio! just add the jar to your favorite IDE. the documentation is available here:
    • New command: /music gives the user a link (just like /audio).
    • New command: /sound gives the user a link (just like /audio).
    • New command: /muziek gives the user a link (just like...
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  6. security update (and new features)

    We at openaudiomc wish you a happy 2017 :)

    Change log:

    • New feature: Session keys! you now can no longer open the audio client of a different minecraft user! if you do you will get an invalid session error. This is to prevent misuse or trolling, it can be turned of by setting enableSessions to false in the config file but i strongly recommend to leave it enabled because it will make the user experience a lot simpler
    • New feature: Settings now get...
  7. Region, new features and bug fixes.

    finally some extra cool features :)

    • Changed the ugly audio message (from /audio & /connect) with a fancy tellraw message! (no need to update config) so you won't see a link in the chat, just click on the text message and it opens the browser
    • Added the "/openaudio region import <region name> <sound>" command, this assigns a sound to a existing region
    • Added the "/openaudio region get" command, this prints the sound file of your current region in the chat
    • You...
  8. bug fixes and improvements

    So yeah, the last update was pretty broken :/
    but this update should fix all of that :)

    • Fixed the bug with regions crashing when you enter and leave them quickly
    • Region fading is now more stable
    • Plugin automatically sets itself up for the official hosting when you install openaudio for the first time. don't worry! you can still host it yourself if you want and this update and this update should not effect users that already have own hosting
    • Added a...
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  9. The cast update (re 2)

    New big update (it has been a while)

    New features
    • New command: /connect another way to give a user the url
    • New feature: Chromecast streaming a new client designed for Googles chromecast, you will get the cast icon when a chromecast is detected on your network (settings like bg image will be automaticly applyd on the chromecast client)
    • New feature: Music fading music will now fade out (and that is pretty cool) and can be toggled from the settings...
  10. The patch update

    Not a lot of new features :/
    1.4.5 will be a big one though

    So, what IS new?
    • Fixed the bug where the plugin would crash if you reload the server
    • Added a language config for the web client
    • Webclient now includes language presets (For German, Dutch and English) in the Messages folder
    • REMOVED the "/openaudio reload" command since it did not work correctly reload the plugin and it's better to just restart the server
    • Fixed the bug where the client would get stuck at...
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