OpenAudioMc - Proximity Voice Chat - Realtime online music and effects - Bungeecord - Velocity 6.5.4

Add custom music and voice chat to your server, without mods or downloads.

  1. The group update

    Update 1.4.3

    new features
    • Added player groups
    • Added the "/openaudio group add <group name>" command
    • Added the "/openaudio group delete <group name>" command
    • Added the "/openaudio group join <player> <group name>" command
    • Added the "/openaudio group leave <player>" command
    • fixed crashes occurred when worldguard was not installed
    • Small ui fixes
    • Downgraded to...
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  2. Final ui and bug fixes

    This update includes

    New in the plugin
    • a crap ton of bug fixes
    • Music now stops when you leave the minecraft server
    • Client detects when you join the server again

    New in the web client
    • a new beautiful flat ui
    • settings page/tab
    • better browser compatibility

    Problem, suggestion or a bug? hit me up ;-)

  3. The usability update

    The web config files are a thing of the past!
    This update incudes a all new Setup Wizard!

    the first time that the webclient is opened it will open a setup wizard and walk you through the steps of installing OpenAudioMc!

    And i added a fancy error popup that will prompt the user to reconnect!

    New commands:
    • "/openaudio reload" now you can finally reload the config without restarting the server
    • "/openaudio reconnect <name> <new ws host>" re connect a user to another OpenAudio...
  4. The streaming update

    So, it has been quite sometime since the last update.
    Soooo, what is new?

    • Added streaming modus
    • Added /openaudio live start <stream source>
    • Added /openaudio live stop
    • New help menu
    • Bug fixes
    • New UI
    And that's it for today![​IMG]
  5. Minor bug fixes

    • Deleted login.php
    • Fixed error reporting in index.php

    Next update (1.4) will be a big one ;)
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  6. The play update (part 2)

    • Fixed some bugs with https servers
    • Added the /openaudio pause <name> <url/sound> command
    • Added the /openaudio resume <name> <url/sound> command
    • Added startup sounds
    • Added startup sound config
    • Edit: /openaudio send <name> <message> now supports spaces!

    You can now pause and resume sounds!

    Yeay =D
  7. bug fix 1.3.5 (re 2)

    Fixed major typo!
    (the login system should work now)
    srry :(
  8. The notification update

    • Updated web client (see screenshot)
    • Messages now can be turned off
    • Messages now support color codes (&number)
    • Messages now have a little window that pops up when a message is received
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  9. The theme update!

    • New help menu
    • Added the /openaudio setbg <name> <code/url/reset> command
    • NEW WEB UI!
    • Fixed a bug with the regions
    • Improved php code (by
    You can now set the background image/color code with command blocks!

    Example for photos
    Code (Text):

    /openaudio setbg @a
    Example for css color codes
    Code (Text):

    /openaudio setbg @a rgba(1,0,0,0)
    Reset to default bg image
    Code (Text):

    /openaudio setbg @a...
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  10. The play update

    • Added Audio buffer (web client)
    • Added the "/openaudio buffer <name> <url>" command
    • Added the "/openaudio playbuffer <name>" command
    • Added the "/openaudio playregion <region name> <url>" command
    • Fixed some minor bugs

    What is the audio buffer?
    With the audio buffer you can "preload" a sound for players with a slower internet connection​

    What is Playregion?
    With playregion you can start a sound for players who are in a certain region​
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