OpenAudioMc - Realtime online music and effects - Bungeecord - Velocity 6.5.2

Add custom music and voice chat to your server, without mods or downloads.

  1. bug fixes

    This is a minor incremental update that fixes a few problems.
    • Time synchronization is more accurate between servers and clients, this fixes some issues where it was impossible to correctly time music.
    • Account linking now supports recovery
    • Broken RTC connections now get 5 re-attempts before the failure mode is enabled
    • Speakers in worlds loaded by the plugin Multiverse now get detected correctly
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  2. Proximity Voice, Playlists, Accounts, Speakers, Regions and more

    Howdy howdy, it's me again, dropping by with a super big update, please read the full changelog and closing notes before updating since there are some things you need to pay attention to when updating and some news about the current state of voicechat and its rollout.

    Let's get started with the full changelog first:
    1. Worldguard `__global__` is now usable as a region
    2. Added a SoundCloud now playing widget (required by the SoundCloud TOS)
    3. Speaker Garbage Collection now...
  3. New years update: client, shows, media, login, speakers, velocity, speed, bedrock

    Hey there everyone!
    It's been a while due to personal reasons, but let's kick 2021 off with some good news (for once). The full changelog is at the end of this post, it's quite long, you have been warned.

    As always, if you want to support the project and its development, please consider donating since it really does help a lot :)

    The colours can be changed in OA+, as you would expect...
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  4. Minor fixes

    Hey all!

    Small update fixing some small issues with predictive audio and Redis, don't feel forced to update if you weren't affected.
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  5. Predictive audio, speed and improvements

    Hey all!
    Really exciting update today :)

    The goal of OpenAudioMc has always been to add smooth and seamless audio to your server. But with the internet being like it is, timing has always been a problem since files had to load before playing.
    Well, not anymore!
    This update adds a complex system that makes OpenAudioMc "learn" what sounds are likely to be played for a client, and preload it in the background as the player moves around the world.
    Meaning that the client will have the sound...
  6. Minor stability improvements

    Really small update, but this should fix issues for some of you who were complaining about drop-outs on local Minecraft servers or servers with bad ping to our backend infrastructure.
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  7. Server logo, authentication and performance

    Hey all!
    Got a small update for ya including some backend improvements but also including a neat new feature for y'all to make the update worth your time
    • The web client will now default to your server logo instead of openaudio's logo, but it'll default to the player skin whenever it fails to fetch (the logo updates every 24 hours)
    • Implemented base for anonymous identities based on server hash which will be important in some upcoming backend patches (so you won't have to update...
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  8. Stability, performance and google drive improvements.

    Hey all!
    A quick little update to patch some bugs which affected some of you.
    • Added health checks, the plugin now periodically checks if all services are healthy and authenticated as they should and will auto correct when this doesn't seem to be the case.
    • the /oa reload command now does a full system restart (including networking services) and not just the config.
    • A few bugs have been patched which caused issues with GoogleDrive in regions and speakers.
    • Improved API...
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  9. Fixing networking for some Minecraft hosting services

    Hey all!
    A quick little update which is likely unnecessary for most of you.
    Some of you were reporting issues related to timeouts (the plugin not connecting correctly), which turned out to be related to the way how some hosting services handled the certificate Keystore.

    This update contains a small mechanism that should circumvent this problem by connecting in a fallback mode after a failed attempt.

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  10. Important network update and bug fixes

    Howdy folks!

    Small update on the surface but it has some important changes.
    • Fixed a bug with the reconnect timer.
    • Fixed the reminder messages.
    • Implemented the new backend handler for our new hosting solution, which will be used pretty soon. Updating now means that this migration will go automatic and you won't have to worry about deadlines.
    • Just like the plugin, the client has also been updated (important for if you host your own one since you'll need to update that...