OpenAudioMc Soundcloud Add-on 1.2

Provides SoundCloud support to OpenAudioMc

  1. HotsieKnotsie
    Version: 1.2
    Hallo, Can you update this plugin to 1.14.4? I have a 1.14.4 server and I need this plugin.
    1. mindgamesnl
      Author's Response
      As mentioned in the official openaudio update, this resource is outdated and built into openaudiomc v6.
  2. fdsfg
    Version: 1
    Hello, thanks for that, but i have a problem any song doesn't work doesn't play, i'm new in this plugin and it say media created but no song and i'm connect with the web client ^^'

    i'm in local is that ?
    1. mindgamesnl
      Author's Response

      Could you please get in touch via the correct plugin in the actual discord or discussion and not a review section?

      Thanks in advance!