OpenTunnels 1.0.0

A plugin to allow people outside of your network to connect without port forwarding.

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    • 1.16
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    What is this plugin?

    The purpose of this plugin is to allow people outside of your network to connect to your Minecraft server without the need of port forwarding.

    How do I set it up?
    The first step to installing the plugin is downloading it and putting it in the plugins folder of your Spigot or Paper server. Then, you'll need to start the server for the plugin to generate a config. Once the server is fully started you can stop the server.

    Now, go to and create an account. Next, you'll want to copy the auth token from the dashboard and paste it in the config.yml in place of the placeyourauthtokenhere. See image below on how to find the auth token.

    Once the auth token is in the config, restart the server (do not use /reload)

    The server should start, and 5 seconds after it starts, the IP for your friends to join will show up in the console. If this does not happen, join our discord for support.

    Now your friends should be able to join with the IP in the config! Note that the IP changes each restart of the server.

    How does it work?
    The plugin downloads an app called ngrok which uses ngrok's servers to tunnel all traffic towards your device. You can read the source code for more information.

    • This does not work for bedrock players joining using GeyserMC Java <-> Bedrock crossplay!
    • You are not able to have more than 1 server running with the same auth token!
    • We do not have a system set up for paid ngrok accounts yet.
    • Using /reload or PlugMan reload will break things! Don't use it with this plugin but instead fully stop and start the server.
    Join our discord for additional support, I'd always be glad to help!


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