Ophion Protection 1.8.6

Track usernames, ips and alert all admins when a user logs on.

  1. Lazertx
    Lazertx, UnlitedOwns
    Plugin Notes
    • This plugin allows you to look up players previous names in preparation for name changing so /lookup player is useless until name changing is added but this plugin still has other features to offer.
    • This plugin was made specifically for a server I develop for so none of the features are configurable but making the plugin configurable will be on an update.
    • Look up users previous usernames.
    • Look up users that have used a set IP.
    • Alert admins when someone logs in with a set IP.
    • /<lookup|lk> - Display a list of commands
    • /lookup <add|a> <IP> <MESSAGE> - Add an IP to alert admins when the IP is used.
    • /lookup ip <IP> - Look up all the user that have used an IP.
    • /lookup <list|l> - List all IPs that are being tracked and players on those IPs.
    • /lookup <player|p> <PLAYER> - Look up all previous names of a user.
    • /lookup <version|v> - Display the version of Ophion Protection you are running.
    • All commands - ophion.staff
    • Add config to the plugin.
    • Add more permissions so that they are not so generic.
    • Lazertx - Plugin developer
    • UnlitedOwns - Plugin suggestion

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Recent Reviews

  1. smaymaster
    Version: 1.5
    I would like to see the plugin tell you which server the players that have alerts are on. Overall: Great plugin!
    1. Lazertx
      Author's Response
      This sounds like a great idea! I will likely add it in version 1.7 today.
  2. UnlitedOwns
    Version: 1.5
    Excellent. Does exactly what it should do, a great protection for your server.

    Ophion approved!