Ophion Protection 1.8.6

Track usernames, ips and alert all admins when a user logs on.

  1. Ophion Protection 1.7

    Change log
    • Fixed sending a caution message when someone was banned.
    • Updated /lookup list to display all users online and the server they are currently on.
    • Added aliases to the sub commands
      • /<lookup|lk> - Display a list of commands
      • /lookup <add|a> <IP> <MESSAGE> - Add an IP to alert admins when the IP is used.
      • /lookup ip <IP> - Look up all the user that have used an IP.
      • /lookup <list|l> - List all IPs that are being tracked.
      • /lookup <player|p> <PLAYER> - Look up all previous names of a user.
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