OPMessage 1.2

Change opped message command

  1. Raymart
    • Allows anyone to access OP. No permission checking
    OP Message
    This plugin will helps you to change the op message colorize with your own color combination idea.

    change the old /op command message.


    Code (PHP):
    OP Message: '&bYou have been opped by %by%'
    OP Message 2: '&bPlayer %player% has been opped by you'
    No Permission: '&4You have no permission to do that'
    Permission Node

    • opmsg.cmd == for the command /op

    Coming soon

    Introducing myself I'm Raymart the old developer here at spigot sorry guys with bugs at my old plugins I goes active again at spigot.

    to anyone who doesn't know me at all nc to meet you.

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  1. DraxPvP
    Version: 1.2
    pretty good hear you could not upload the source code ???

    ignores my English :P