OpPassword 1.0

OpPassword - Lock OP accounts!

  1. OxyDrug
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    Want a more secure server?
    Then this is the plugin for you!

    What is OpPassword?
    OpPassword is a simple plugin which allows you to set a password in the config, which makes it so that when an Opped player joins the game, they have to enter the password which is set in the config, to do anything which can change the server in any way.
    Once the player inputs the password correctly, their IP is logged, making it so players joining through that IP no longer have to enter the password.

    Why does this make my server more secure?
    This plugin makes your server secure for the following reasons:

    • If your minecraft account gets hacked, they cannot grief your server with your account unless they also know the OpPassword password.
    • If a user steals your game session, they will not be able to use your account maliciously on your server.
    /unlock <password> - Unlocks an Ops account

    OpPassword.unlock - access to /unlock

    You can set the OpPassword password in the config.yml.
    The default password is: changethispassword

    Known bugs:
    - None! Please message me if you find any bugs!

    To do:
    - Nothing! Please message me any suggestions!
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