Optimased 0.4.8

This plugin will allow you to check and ensure that your server is running correctly.

  1. Amnestique
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    Good evening everyone!
    I decided to make public plugins to share my minimum knowledge to the Bukkit & Spigot community.

    I decided to create this little project called "Optimased" to give a vision of things to beginners of the danger present when you want to create your server.

    This plugion optimizes, removes orders.
    Warning: It does not hide your plugins!

    If there are any requests, I could somehow hide your plugins by any means. This method will be 100% effective if you follow the instructions given when adding / updating the plugin. Everything will be written there and said.


    - /optimased.
    - /forcestop <confirm>. (Make sure you have done "/forcestop" then after you can do "/forcestop confirm")

    Commands blocked:

    - /reload (bukkit:reloadas well blocked)
    - //calc & //calculate & //eval & //evaluate
    - /reload (/rl & bukkit:reload & bukkit:rl as well blocked)


    - To execute command "/optimased test-security" you need the permission "optimased.perm.securitytest".
    - To execute "/stop" you need the permission "stop.perm.optimased".