Optimased 0.4.8

This plugin will allow you to check and ensure that your server is running correctly.

  1. Well here are some great new features here!

    Once again, good evening everyone!

    I didn't ask for it but feel free to rate my plugin and comment on what you would like more and what you think!

    Okay, so I added a new flaw detection in the "/optimased test-security" command, now the flaw in Essential is taken into account. Now this command is obviously only executable through a permission. Here is the permission to use (if you are op it works of course!):...
  2. Patches and new features have arrived!

    Good evening everyone!
    So I updated Optimased!

    The additions are simple, the worldedit crash commands have been removed in this release.

    When one of this command is executed, then if the player is not OP he will be kicked out, and an alert message will be sent to the OP people on the server. (Specifying the order also made)

    There you go, the next version is coming in a few minutes.
  3. New order has appeared! (READ ALL PLEASE)

    Good evening everyone!

    Well. I added the "test-security" argument in the "/ optimased" command.
    It is still in beta in function of my future knowledge, this argument will increase in volume of test. For the moment it is doing +5 tests to check for potential "CRITICAL" flaws.

    CAUTION READ: If you have problems with your anti-virus, please make an exception. I also had one and it bothered me while I was developing this point...