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OpToggle 1.4

Toggle your op easily with one command!

  1. Bear53
    OpToggle allows a player to toggle their op ability.
    There are 2 permissions to this plugin
    optoggle.use - allows you to /optoggle
    opreload.use - allows you to do /opreload
    /optoggle - Toggles your OP
    /opreload - Reloads the OpToggle config
    Inside the
    configuration file there are 4 options.
    Code (Text):
    # OpToggle v1.0 by Bear53

    #The message that is sent when you deop yourself
    DeopMessage: '§eYou are no longer oped! Type /optoggle to get this back!'
    #The message that is sent when you op yoursellf
    OpMessage: '§eYou are now oped! Type /optoggle to deop yourself!'
    #The Prefix for all messages
    #This prefix goes in front of every message
    Prefix: '§c§lRecharge §8>> '
    #Players able to use /optoggle
    #To add more simply follow the fornat!
    - "Bear53"
    - "Karnage953"
    - "RussianMatrix"

    If you get a unknown character inside the config where the "§" should be, simply replace the unknown character with a "§"
    Coming features: None as of yet, please comment if you have nay
    Feed Back: I am always up for feedback positive or negative, whatever helps make this plugin more of a hit!

    I have made a small fix to the code that i forgot to edit earlier, please download this version if you have a earlier one.

Recent Updates

  1. Small bug fix!
  2. Color codes in config

Recent Reviews

  1. TheGamingMoons
    Version: 1.4
    Good coding! Helped a lot! Thnx m8 very good work! :) GG on this!
    Thnx for doing this for people. Thx
  2. wiseman
    Version: 1.2
    there is only 1 thing annoying me with your plugin
    why you can get op in the servers that use your plugin?
    i don't think you did mention this.
    1. Bear53
      Author's Response
      oops sorry that was for my own server so I didnt have to add the permission to myself, deleting it now :)
  3. Mert1602
    Version: 1.2
    Its nice but,
    Why you don't use the UUID's ?
    Because the Minecraft-Name-Change-Feature :D
    1. Bear53
      Author's Response
      Because it may be annoying or more time consuming for a owner or admin to have to get the UUID of the player, maybe will add it in the future.
      Thanks for the review!